Romanian ambassador to USA: Missile shield in Deveselu ‘defensive, not directed against another state’

Romanian ambassador to the United States George Maior underscored on Tuesday that the missile shield to become operational later this year in Romania at Deveselu is defensive; it is aimed at defending the national territory and the European territory “as regards the asymmetrical conventional threat posed by the ballistic missiles”.

“Planning goes well as regards the achievement of the missile shield. There naturally are these political discussions at the level of rhetoric, particularly from states east of the Romanian borders. They have more of a political and propaganda than substance value. This shield is defensive, it is aimed at the defence of the national territory and the territory of Europe finally, as regards the asymmetrical conventional threat posed by the ballistic missiles. It is not directed against another state. Quite the contrary, I believe that the European security stands to gain by the achievement of this strategic project. I do not think somebody will deviate from the original planning and raise the issue of the shield”, Maior said after being bestowed an honorary doctorate by the Technical Military Academy.

He stressed that the security element of the Strategic Partnership forged by Romania with the United States will be a priority of his term as ambassador to the U.S. and explained that such Partnership targets the missile shield inclusively, but also other dimensions – the cooperation on intelligence, military cooperation, the participation in international peacekeeping missions.

Maior, a former director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) said Romania has made huge progress on the fight against graft and he will try to communicate the Romanian reality in this respect too outside the country.


George Maior receives Military Technical Academy’s DHC title


Maior on Tuesday was bestowed from the University Senate of the Military Technical Academy a Doctor Honoris Causa title, in a ceremony attended by several guests, among whom Deputy Prime Minister, Gabriel Oprea, National Defence Minister, Mircea Dusa, the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) chief-prosecutor, Laura Codruta Kovesi, ambassadors, political personalities.

The title was handed in by the chairman of the University Senate of the Military Technical Academy, Laurentiu Margarit, in recognition to Maior’s contribution to the development of the university education and scientific research, as well as to the increase of national and international visibility of the Military Technical Academy.

In his speech, Laurentiu Margarit appreciated the activity of George Maior as “statesman” and a good co-negotiator of Romania’s adhesion to NATO, a senator, an ambassador “dedicated to a profession of utmost importance for the national security.”

“His scientific work, in written form or transmitted through specialized courses, is useful both to those who are now developing their vocation and to those who, in time, would like to understand our times. I must confess with emotion that the entire academic community has considered today’s honorary reward as fully justified; actually, we prepared for this ever since 2004. (…) We wish you complete success and health, as well as the necessary clear-sightedness for representing Romania in the US,” said the Military Technical Academy’s rector, Cristian Barbu, at the ceremony in the aula of this education institution.

In his turn, George Maior thanked for the honorary title received, specifying that the Military Technical Academy means a lot for what he believed it had to be carried out in his tenure he had at the National Defence Ministry.

The former SRI head added that the bestowing of this award is “a pleasant surprise.”

“I believe that, for the first time in history we are facing a real change of paradigm in terms of international relationships, diplomacy and intelligence. I also strongly believe that a state that wishes to be strong today, must attach this dimension on all of its levels, to develop and adapt it to the international technological evolutions in order to forge a projection of force, meaning to carry out its relational interests,” George Maior said.

The National Defence Minister, Mircea Dusa mentioned, on this occasion, the importance of the Military Technical Academy for the national security field, the specialists formed here being highly appreciated by the NATO and EU partners.

“We should appreciate the decision of the Academy’s Senate to bestow the DHC title to Mr George Maior, in recognition of his scientific and professional activity. Mr George Maior has developed during these years the national security concept, yet he also developed the cooperation among the institutions in the military field, in order to ensure the security objectives of Romania and the objectives we have assumed once we have entered the NATO. Mr Maior used to be a state secretary with the Defence Ministry in a very complicated time, when we were preparing for joining NATO and measures were to be taken to reforming the Army. Likewise, as a senator of Romania (…) he has decisively contributed to the forging of the security system we enjoy today,” said Dusa, congratulating Maior and wishing him luck in his new position as Romania’s ambassador to the US.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Gabriel Oprea, Minister of the Interior said it is “an honour” to participate in this event of “public recognition” of a “Romanian who had done something for his country.”

“Alongside other bodies, George Maior worked for and strengthened the national security of Romania. (…) As a SRI head, he made this institution highly trusted. Should Romania is a safe country, generating security and stability, and it is respected by its international partners, this is owed too to George Maior. It is an honour for me to be among his friends”, said Oprea.



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