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January 27, 2022

Alina Gorghiu: Both Ponta and Antonescu have had to lose from the split of USL

National Liberal Party (PNL) Co-president Alina Gorghiu said on Tuesday that both Victor Ponta and Crin Antonescu had had to lose from the split of USL.

‘(…) I believe that both Victor Ponta and Crin Antonescu have had to lsoe from the split of USL. One has lost his party and will lose his political career for various reasons, the last one being his stuborness about keeping his office, a subordness worthy of a better cause, but we each choose our causes to fight for, and Crin Antonescu has lost his party and the Euroepan Parlaiment elections mostly because of that’, Alina Gorghiu said on Antena 3 tv.

‘I wouldn’t say Vasile Blaga inspires fear (hint at Blaga’s nickname ‘The Bulldog’), he is a very well organised person who has managed to gain my respect these six months we ave been working together. I have also known this side of his, a harsher organiser of the prsediential campaign, but that was needed, we manage to complete each other’s profile’, Gorghiu also said.

The PNL Co-presdient also noted that the Mayor of Cluj-Napoca, Emil Boc, was one of the PNL members, but she ahd not seen him at any meeting of the party and that it was still to be determined if he would want to stand for election for a new term or if he still had the support of the voters.

The PNL Co-presdient also said the only thing that still kept Victor Ponta to the Government was that Liviu Dragnea ‘has not yet played all his games in PSD’, but said that Ponta’s days at Victoria Palace were counted.

‘Victor Ponta is at Victoria Palace at this time just because Dragnea happs not to have played all his games in PSD. Averybody talks about it, the scandal has been smouldering in PSD for quite some time. (…) PSD will have to let Ponta go’, Gorghiu said.


Ponta, new attack on Gorghiu: ‘I was saying she was like Elena Udrea, but now I think I may be wronging Udrea’  


Prime-Minister Victor Ponta is being ironical about Alina Gorghiu, saying that the PNL head is an ‘enigma’ to him and that a comparison between her and Elena Udrea was unfair on the latter.

‘As long as we were in USL, Alina Gorghiu fought with Basescu’s people, with PDL people, loved Crin, loved me, loved everybody. Themn, all of asudden, she had a change of heart. I said to her she was exactly like Elena Udrea, but now I am beginning to think IO may be wronging Udrea. Well, it’s her bsuienss, what else can I say?’ Victor Ponta said on B1 TV referring to Alina Gorghiu’s statement that both Ponta and Crin Antonescu had had to lose from the split of USL.

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