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April 20, 2021

CNADNR wants to open another 40 km of highway

At this moment work is being done in Romania on almost 177 kilometres of highway, and the National Roads and Highway Company (CNADNR) hopes to open to traffic another 40 kilometres of highway by the end of the year.

Two weeks ago Romanian and Hungarian authorities attended the opening of the Nadlac II border crossing point. On this occasion, the 40 kilometres of highway between Arad and Nadlac became operational. Romania and Hungary are now linked by highway and the Nadlac II border crossing point is among the most modern. Nadlac II has 20 lanes, 10 on each direction, and 10 double booths that will be manned by Romanian and Hungarian border policemen. Four lanes are reserved for auto vehicles and two for lorries, on each direction. A parking lot with 107 parking spaces for lorries is present on the Romanian side of the border. The whole border crossing centre spans 22 hectares on both sides of the border and is fully covered by video surveillance cameras.

According to CNADNR, if all goes according to plan by the end of the year drivers could use the highway all the way from Nadlac (at the western border) to Lugoj and beyond, in Timis County. Authorities basically hope to open to traffic Section 2 of the Timisoara-Lugoj Highway, plus the 10 kilometres outside of Lugoj that are ready since 2013 but were left unused since they were not connected, and another 15 kilometres from Section 2 of the Lugoj-Deva Highway. Over 40 kilometres of highway in total.

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