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July 2, 2022

Committee switching in Parliament, a wide phenomenon

Switching in Parliament committees is practiced first of all by parties holding the power, political commenters noted, yet, Opposition re-positions themselves fast, depending on the changes of elected politicians in the Government arch, Digi24.ro reports. Therefore, half of the 129 members of the Parliament that changed their committee are representatives of the Power and the other half are members of the Opposition.

Approximately a quarter of the members of the Parliament have moved, during their term, once or several times, from one Parliament committee to another. Their professional competences never mattered. The one thing that counted was the decision of the party they belonged to.

From Culture to Agriculture, from Foreign Politics to Environment, the phenomenon of committee switching seems to be the latest strategy of the parties, in order to impose control.

From the beginning of this legislative term and up to this moment, from the total of 554 members of the Parliament, 129 changed the Committee they had activated in. Most members of the Parliament pulled this move only once, but there are also officials who reconsidered the field they mastered as much as six times during the two years and a half of their term.

One such example is that of PSD Deputy Doina Pana. At the beginning, she was a member of the Foreign Politics Committee. Then, she moved to Transportation, Education, Equality of Chances and, finally, she ended up at Environment.

“The Committee that suited me best was the one on Education, because it is my field. Even if I am an engineer, I have been working at a technical profile high school for 30 years. The choice belongs to the Deputy and a balance is made according to the number of demands. It must reflect his training”, PSD Deputy Doina Pana explained. Yet, specialists disagree with the Members of the Parliament.

“These cases, when they decide these changes, are mostly exceptions. In our opinion, it rarely has anything to do with the studies of the respective Member of the Parliament, and his orientation, based on his professional background. The phenomenon is mostly influenced by the party agenda and by the stake of some normative acts being circulated, which need reports from behalf of an important committee or not”, Violeta Alexandru, manager of the Institute for Public Policies declared.

The chart of the Parliament members experts in multiple fields also includes Social-Democrat Deputy Dorel Gheorghe Caprar. He has graduated law, but did not make it to the Legal Committee. Instead, he wandered through other five Committees, from  Defence to European Affairs.

“There are also Members of the Parliament who have avoided, due to public controversy related to conflicts of interests, incompatibilities and the suspicions of being seen as the member of a Committee that has precise connection with their private business, as I said, they avoided to pick the respective committees although they obviously had the required training”,  Violeta Alexandru further mentioned, according to Digi24.ro.



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