Energy Minister on state-owned companies: Unlike the new PDL, Ponta Gov’t has not abandoned them

Energy, SMEs and Business Environment Minister Andrei Gerea, Vice President of ALDE, has stated that “the new political partners that got hold of PNL, those from PDL,” not the current Government as PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu claims, are to blame for the “difficult” situation in which some state-owned companies find themselves.

“It’s not fair for Ms. Alina Gorghiu to blame this government for the fact that some companies whose majority shareholder is the state find themselves in difficult situations. I remind Ms. Gorghiu of the period during which she was within USL and during which we jointly criticized the fact that Oltchim, Hidroelectrica, the energy holdings had ended up being on the brink of bankruptcy because of the theft sponsored by the ones who now are her political friends: the members of PDL,” Gerea stated through a communiqué remitted to Agerpres on Wednesday.

He added that unlike the “new PDL,” the Government has not abandoned these companies. “It is trying to save them, it has managed to do so for some, and in the cases in which the special trustee or the Supervisory Council decides to resort to layoffs all measures are taken, from severance salaries to retraining programmes and the finding of new investors in those areas, in order for people to get over this period,” the ALDE Vice President explained.

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