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July 1, 2022

Geoana: After Ponta’s sultanate, the Dragnea era leads us to Phanariote times

The President of the Romanian Social Party (PSRO), Mircea Geoana, declared that PSD has completely lost their left-wing profile and credibility by going from “Ponta’s sultanate” to “the Dragnea era”, respectively a “Phanariote” period, as public resources are used as political, electoral and wealth-gaining resources.

The leader of the Social Romanian Party (PSRO), Mircea Geoana, has stated on Tuesday, in a press conference held in Alba Iulia, that PSD was heading, in the “Dragnea era”, towards an outright “Phanariote” period as even the latest change in the budget merely represents “a reward for the support gained by Dragnea at the latest ballot in the National Executive Committee”.

“We are at the beginning of the road and we do not hide the fact that any beginning is also shaded with hardships; yet, seeing how PSD has completely lost their left-wing profile and credibility, how the Dragnea era leads them back to Phanariote times, considering how resources are allocated and how political work is being conceived, looking at the manner the budget rectification is made these days; which is an obvious reward for the support Dragnea was offered at the recent ballot in the National Executive Committee, at the highly unprofessional approach to the way the Tax Code and the national public budget are being established, this terribly untrustworthy response makes us confident in our own fate”, Geoana declared, as quoted by Mediafax.

He added that it was a transition from the “sultanate of Ponta’s term” to the “Dragnea era”, defined by “the use and abuse of public resources for electoral and political purposes”.

“We have transitioned from the sultanate of Ponta’s term – in the politology lexicon, the sultanate is defined as the administration of a state by means of an extended family – to a different manner of organizing the leadership of a party and, automatically, of the state, because PSD is the governing party, which is using public resources as political and electoral resources, as wealth-gaining resources and as a reason of existing. This is the Dragnea era, the use and abuse of public resources for electoral and political purposes. Actually, this is what he was convicted for”, Mircea Geoana declared.

The PSRO leader declared he had no “abstract conflict with PSD” and that he had many friends in the party.

“There are many quality people in PSD, serious people, honest people, excellent professionals and we are looking forward most warmly for them to join us at PSRO, but I cannot keep silent when an important party has to pick between a convict and a defendant in order to decide the leader of the party, directly or through intermediates. I cannot keep silent considering that I have introduced in PSD democracy on a wide scale – some people might even call it “too much democracy” – just to see that the leader of the party is elected with 60 votes for and 13 against. What are we talking about here? Is this really a Social-Democrat Party? I cannot keep silent when the Tax Code is more right-winged than what the Liberals proposed. (…) I cannot help but notice that this is no longer a Social-Democrat Party”, Geoana declared.

In his opinion, PSD is headed to “self-destruction”.

“If PSD wishes to continue the direction they are following right now, I wish them all the best; finallz, you cannot help anyone against their will”, Geoana concluded.

The PSRO leader attended the official launch of the county branch of his party in Alba Iulia. The brand is led by County Council member Ion Marincas, former PPDD member.

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