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H.E. Mrs. Faouz El Achchabi, Ambassador of Morocco to Bucharest: Celebration of the Feast of the Throne 2015

The Kingdom of Morocco celebrates on the 30th of July 2015, the 16th anniversary of the ascension to the throne of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI.amb maroc

The feast of the throne represents an important national event rich in significations and symbols in the contemporary history of Morocco and a glorious occasion to renew the allegiance between the throne and the Moroccan people in view of underlining the progress of the Kingdom, the prosperity, the development and the stability. These connections reflect the particular place the monarchy occupies in the collective memory and in the heart of the Moroccans. It is equally an occasion to expose the evaluation of the accomplishments, as well as the challenges to meet.

Since the enthronement of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI on the 30th of July 1999 and thanks to its numerous courageous and bold initiatives, Morocco faced major changes, has implemented numerous economical and social projects, has accomplished important achievements and has engaged in a process of profound political reforms according to an inclusive approach placing the dignity and the fulfillment of the Moroccan citizen in the heart of its concerns.

These reforms have been carried out mainly of the political, economical, social, religious, justice and human rights fields, notably the creation of the Instance of equity and reconciliation in the field of transitional justice, the reform of the justice and the reinforcement of its independence, the consolidation of the human rights and the adoption of the new Constitution in 2011 that constituted an important advance in the political and social life and has permitted the consecration of the values of democracy, citizenship and human rights.

Other reforms have been carried out, in particular the implementation of the sector strategies for the economical development and the improvement of the business climate and the governance, the launching of the national initiative for human development, the reform of the family code, the promotion of the religious field etc.

Morocco achieved also great advances in road infrastructure, highway, railway, port and airport which promoted economic exchanges, reduced regional disparities and contributed to the creation of work places.

Among the great economical achievements, it is the port of Tanger Med, that became today the new strategic Mediterranean hub and the success greatly surpasses the previsions, the construction of the high speed railway line Tanger-Casablanca, whose commissioning is planned for the end of 2017, the ongoing implementation of the largest photovoltaic park in Africa at Ouarzazate and has the horizon planned for 2020, Morocco aims at having five solar parks as well as the largest wind farm in Africa at its disposal.

This year has been crowned by the signature of an industrial agreement with the PSA Group Peugeot Citroen in view of erecting a factory in Kenitra that is expected to produce 200 000 units and the start is envisaged for 2019.

The year 2015 coincides with the 53rd anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Morocco and Romania that are based on a long tradition of collaboration in multiple fields and that are excellent in all areas.

These relations have known in these last years a continuous development thanks to different official visits organized on the parliamentary, governmental, economical and cultural plans and which resulted in the signing of multiple bilateral agreements. The last visit up to date is that of the Romanian Secretary of State for Education and Scientific research, Mr. Gigel Paraschiv.

Furthermore, the 700 Moroccans students following their studies in Romanian universities are representing an example of successful cultural collaboration.

Morocco is one of Romania’s main partners for commerce in Africa and its commercial exchanges with Romania have known a growth. In fact, in 2014, the Moroccan exports have risen to 150,17 million dollars and the imports at 468,23 million dollars. Nevertheless, these exchanges remain below the expected level given that there’s a huge potential to be exploited.

Morocco and Romania are determined to develop and further strengthen their economic and trade relations to reach the level of political relations.

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