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January 27, 2022

Most Romanians support introduction of voluntary military service

Most Romanians support the introduction of voluntary military service; they would endorse every undertaking of the Romanian army in the event of war and perceive the United States as the main supporter in the event of an aggression, a recent poll by Inscop revealed according to Agerpres.

A little over half of participants are concerned by the possibility of terrorist attacks targeting Romania, according to the poll commissioned by Adevarul newspaper.

The research showed that 79.4 percent of Romanians approve the idea of voluntary military service, as opposed to 15.1pct who disapprove; 55.8pct of respondents see the US initiative to send troops and heavy weapons at the NATO border (including Romania) as a positive development, while 28.4pct rate is as negative, and the remaining 15.8pct do not know or did not answer.

Also, 66.8pct of participants would support every undertaking of the Romanian army in the event of war, while 21.2pct would not; the remaining 11.9pct do not know or did not answer.

In the event of an attack against a NATO member state, 66.8pct of respondents want Romania to help by any civil and military means; 20.3pct disagree, and 15.1pct do not know/did not answer.

Answering an open question, 54.5pct of Romanians indicated the USA as the ally that would definitely support Romania in the event of military conflict, followed by Germany – 13.8pct, France -7.1pct, Great Britain -2.4pct, other NATO member states – 2.9pct and other non-NATO member states – 1.7pct. Additionally, 4.5pct believe that no other state would effectively support Romania, while the remaining 13pct do not know or did not answer.

The majority of participants, 79.6pct, have knowledge of the recent ISIS attacks in Tunisia, Syria and France, while 17.5pct are not familiar with the topic.

The poll also reveals that 52.8pct of Romanians are worried or very worried that Romania could be the target of terrorist attacks, while 43.3pct of respondents are marginally worried or not at all worried by this prospect.

The survey was commissioned by Romanian newspaper Adevarul; it was conducted by INSCOP Research between July 9 – 14 on a representative sample of 1,075 adults (18 year old or above) throughout Romania. The maximum margin of error allowed is ą 3pct, at a confidence level of 95pct. The method used was that of a questionnaire filled by interviewers at the respondents’ residence.

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