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June 23, 2021

Petre Roman joined the internal competition of PNL for the Mayoralty of Bucharest

Petre Roman declared on Wednesday that he had joined the internal competition of PNL for the Mayoralty of Bucharest, mentioning that it was high time Bucharest was led by “a Bucharester with principles and professional competences” destined to contribute to the development of the Capital.

“My intention to run for Mayor comes from the fact that I am a genuine Bucharester, since the day I was born. I think that it is very important that Bucharest would be finally be led by a Bucharester with certain principles and professional competences, with a vision for the development of Bucharest”, Petre Roman declared for Mediafax.

The Liberal also claimed that, so far, Bucharest had never benefited of a vision that would suit its dwellers’ needs and aspirations.

“We have to understand what Bucharesters’ wishes have in common, because there is a great diversity in the Capital”, Petre Roman also added.

He stated that Bucharesters will be the ones to decide the best candidate, mentioning that PNL would conduct sociological opinion polls to determine the profile of the candidate Bucharesters would vote for.

“Regarding the identity of the proper candidate, Bucharesters are the only ones to decide. There will be some opinion polls to establish the profile of the Mayor Bucharesters want for themselves. These polls will be conducted objectively, to find out Bucharesters’ preferences, it is a perfectly Liberal principles and we did not debate on that”, Petre Roman declared.

According to the Liberal, the candidacies for the Mayoralty of Bucharest have been discussed on Tuesday, in the Political Bureau of the Bucharest branch of the party; during the same meeting, they have also discussed candidacies for District Mayoralties, where “the situation is less obvious”, as PNL intended to offer the electorate “stronger candidacies”.

Petre Roman also mentioned that he would join MEP Cristian Busoi and Deputy Ludovic Orban, “in a competition for Bucharesters”.

The Liberals who intend to run for local elections in 2016 may announce this intention in front of the party, until August 1.

Secretary General of PNL, Marian Petrache, had mentioned on July 20, for Mediafax, that the final lists of candidacies accepted internally would be sent to the central bureau until August 1. He had also declared that opinion polls would be conducted starting in September, “once people return from their summer holidays”.

Petrache mentioned that two intentions of candidacy have been declared, at that time, for the Mayoralty of Bucharest, respectively Cristian Busoi and Ludovic Orban.

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