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June 28, 2022

Protest at TVR: Employees worry about salary cuts

Approximately 150 public television channel (TVR) employees gathered in the institution’s courtyard on Wednesday in a protest against the decisions taken on Tuesday by the institution’s Board of Directors, measures that include fewer work hours and, implicitly, salary cuts, as well as the start of talks on collective layoffs.

.The action was spontaneous, several Romanian Television Company (SRTv) sources stated for Mediafax.

TVR employees are worried about the decisions taken on Tuesday by TVR’s Board of Directors, which entail cutting the workdays from 5 to 4 days per week and, consequently, a 20 per cent salary cut, as well as the start of talks with trade unions on the issue of collective layoffs.

On Monday over 700 TVR employees sent a letter to the two Chambers of Parliament, asking the MPs to urgently analyze TVR’s situation.


Hungarian minority leader wants Government to cancel public television debt


The Government could get the agreement of the European Commission on cancelling the debt of the public television TVR, and the ruling and opposition parties should discuss the situation as soon as possible, Hungarian Democrat Union of Romania (UDMR) head Hunor Kelemen told Agerpres .

“We need to talk urgently and all of us should talk, with the PSD [Social Democrat Party, main in ruling coalition], with the ones ruling, together with the Opposition, with the National Liberal Party (PNL), with us (the UDMR – editor’s note), about the Romanian Television. Since there are not too many options, but one and at Government’s hand, namely to erase its debt to the state. Because this debt has not accumulated this year or the year before and anyway it is barely likely some of this sum would ever be recovered. And it is about a public service, the public television; we could get the OK of the European Commission to cancel this debt, since it is considered a state aid. And afterwards, naturally , the restructuring of debts to third parties is much simpler and easier if the state debt is cancelled; it is around 50pct – 55pct of the debt accumulated by the Romanian Television,” Kelemen declared.

The UDMR leader thinks that the said measures should be taken I parallel with the modification of the Law of the Romanian Television; he says it is an absolute urgency to solve these issues.

The TVR Board on Tuesday has adopted new measures of financial recovery of the public institution – a cut of the working hours and the beginning of negotiations regarding the collective redundancies, TVR informed Agerpres  in a release.

The National Tax Administration Agency (ANAF) announced on July 21 it has seized TVR’s bank accounts over debts to the state budgets.

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