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October 17, 2021

Protocol for building the mosque in Bucharest was signed

The protocol by which the Muslim community in Romania is granted a land plot for building a mosque in Bucharest was signed on Tuesday.

State Secretary Victor Opaschi, from the State Secretariat for Religions and Mufti Muurat Iusuf signed the delivery and receiving protocol by which the Muftiate of the Muslim Cult in Romania was granted, for 49 years, a lot of 11,295 square metres located at 22 – 30 Exposition Boulevard, District 1, Bucharest.

According to the protocol, the Muftiate of the Muslim Cult is forced to inform the State Secretariat for Religions each three months about the state of construction works and about the afferent financing sources, Mediafax noted.

Regarding the financing sources, Mufti Muurat Iusuf declared that some of the money will be most likely offered by the Turkish Government and the rest of the sum will be gained from donations.

According to the document, the mosque will have, besides the actual building of the halidom, several additional buildings that will host a bath for ritual ablutions, a home for the priest, a library and a centre of social support.

Following the destination of the lot will be monitored by the State Secretariat for Religions until the expiration of the protocol, under the circumstances that “it is forbidden to sell, estrange in any way, sign any pact of option, make any unilateral unilateral or bilateral engagement of selling the real estate, establishing any right of preemption, easements, life interest clauses, establishing and kind of contribution from behalf of a trade company, association or foundation”.

State Secretary Victor Opaschi declared that the lot granted to the Muftiate of the Muslim Cult in Romania is a gesture of normality made by the Government towards a religious community that is part of the history and tradition of the Romanian nation.

“In my opinion, the debate should have been held with rational and highly serious arguments, considering that we are discussing founding principles of modern democracy, such as religious freedom”, Opaschi declared.

He added that it is in the best interest of all Romanians that the new mosque would host “normal religious activities, lacking elements of proselytism, fundamentalist or extremist ideas.”

On his turn, Mufti Muurat Iusuf declared that this field was a necessity for the Muslim community and, moreover, it was a necessity that all religious activities in Bucharest would be performed under the eyes of the entire Romanian society, under the auspice of the Muftiate of the Muslim Cult in Romania. “Unfortunately, a good intention of the Muslim community, to support religious activities, was misunderstood”, Muurat Iusuf added.



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