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May 20, 2022

Traian Basescu: I will publish a book of memories next spring. I will be 100 per cent honest and some people will get upset

Traian Basescu spoke on Wednesday evening, during the TV show “The Last Word” on B1 TV, hosted by Catalin Striblea, about the book of memories he intends to publish next year, in spring.

The ex-President declared that, at the time being, he is merely talking in front of a microphone and then, he will ask someone to transcribe the content. “At the time being, nobody helps me. There are a few offers, but I do not want the contents to be known”, Basescu declared.

Basescu’s book of memories would strictly cover the time of ten years he has spent as Romania’s ex-President and will present the events in chronological order. The book will include “precisely the things I saw and the level of information I had had, unlike people who are writing about Basescu, but are unaware of the information I was provided”, Traian Basescu also declared.

Asked how honest he intended to be in writing this book of memories, Traian Basescu replied: “I will be 100 per cent honest. I will not write what is impossible to write. Instead of writing a lie, I prefer not to write at all. Nonetheless, in the activity of a President, there are things that cannot be written.”

“It will be ready next year, in spring. I want it to be something readable. Afterwards, I intend to develop a separate volume about national security issues, and about economical issues, as I witnessed them”, Basescu also added.

Romania’s ex-President declared that his memories would trouble some people, but not everyone.

“There were ten terribly difficult years, with floods, draught, two dismissals, dramatic changes in Europe. Europe has changed completely and I have experienced all of these things from up there”, Basescu also mentioned.


Elena Udrea impressed me quite a lot because she looked good and she was clever, she was a smart jurist


Asked what was his impression of Elena Udrea, the first time he saw her, Basescu declared: “My first impression was exceptional. I have met her at the PDL headquarters, while we were preparing to run for the Mayoralty in Bucharest. She was running for adviser. She impressed me quite a lot because she looked good and she was clever, she was a smart jurist.”

Traian Basescu also declared that he would use documents as well, and also include details about the kidnapping of journalists.


About the referendum in 2012: Antonescu was much more aggressive in requesting my dismissal than Ponta 


Ex-President Traian Basescu also talked on Wednesday, during the show “The Last Word” on B1 TV, about the referendum of dismissal in 2012, mentioning that it was caused by Victor Ponta and Crin Antonescu’s impatience to overtake the power.

“It was Ponta and Antonescu’s impatience to overtake the power as fast as possible. On the other hand, Antonescu has had moments when he was almost desperate to become a president. That was his dream. Antonescu was much more aggressive in requesting my dismissal than Ponta. Ponta was the last to let himself persuaded”, Basescu declared.

Asked why Crin Antonescu disappeared from the political landscape, in his opinion, the former Head of the State declared: “For Crin Antonescu, you have to look at his psychological profile. He is a poker player. His entire circus of resignations was actually a poker game, one he was unable to end. He attempted to bluff every time. Second, he was precisely in Ponta’s situation after he lost the presidential elections. Ponta had made the big mistake of not resigning as leader of PSD. I said it in the night he lost the elections. I said that Ponta would be in trouble if he did not quit one of his positions. He cannot leave his position as Prime Minister because I will not appoint him anymore. Therefore, he must leave his position as Head of PSD, to relieve the tension inside the party.

Also, Traian Basescu mentioned that, both during the dismissal in 2007 and at the one in 2012, he had received messages of support from behalf of the USA.

“At the first dismissal, McCain came to visit me at home. He jumped in the plane and he came at my house, together with the US Ambassador, to tell me that I have all their support. They gave me the same kind of message in 2012 . The message was clear for all state structures, for 2012. It was moral support, but they also firmly labeled the fact that there was an action against the constitutional state. It worried them what could happen from that moment on, if that change was produced”, Traian Basescu also declared.


About Dan Mihalache’s statements: It bothered me that he had said there was no Intranet; that is a lie


Moreover, Ex-President Traian Basescu talked on Wednesday at the TV show “The Last Word” on B1 TV about the fact that the Head of Presidential Chancellery, Dan Mihalache, had pretended that he had found a presidential institution in neglect.

“I do not know why Mr. Mihalache feels the need to make such statements, because that building is taken care of at the normal standards of a public institution”, the former Head of the State declared, mentioning that there was no luxury in the space dedicated to administration.

“In the space destined for administration, you may find the austerity that usually defines public institutions”, Basescu declared.

“I was annoyed that he had claimed there was no Intranet. This is a lie, or Mr. Mihalache does not know how the Intranet works. I can go and teach him a few classes, now that I have time. At the Presidency, the archive is electronic. The advisers and the President only work on original documents. The Chancellery distributes original documents on departments. Afterwards, they are electronically archived and they may be sought electronically. But there is just one thing more. The access to the archive is limited”, Traian Basescu also added.

Asked what was Dan Mihalache’s position at the Presidential Administration, the former Head of the State declared: “There is no such position as Head of Administration.  Mihalache is merely bragging about this position, without actually having it. It did not exist during my term. (…) In my term, the Head of Chancellery received the entire mail, everything coming from the registry or straight from institutions. The Head of Chancellery distributed the mails according to department”, Basescu went on to mention.


Victor Ponta has run for Presidential elections “out of stupidity”


Ex-President Basescu also declared on Wednesday evening that, in his opinion, Victor Ponta had ran in 2014 for the position of Romanian President “out of stupidity” and because he was pushed by other people to do so.

The former President Traian Basescu declared for B1 TV that Victor Ponta has made several mistakes lately, starting with his candidacy for presidential elections.

Asked why the Prime Minister had run for the highest position in the state, Basescu replied in his specific manner: “May I resume it in one word? Out of stupidity! He had no reason whatsoever to be in the presidential competition. I think that the people who pushed him to do it had good intentions, because they had no other option. Perhaps Dragnea would have been an alternative, as he was not very compromised and he could have done better than Ponta. Victor Ponta entered the presidential elections with a major disadvantage; he was eroded. He thought he needed to fight with me.  (…) Klaus Iohannis came from Sibiu like an immaculate flower. I was a shadow, why would you fight with shadows?”

Traian Basescu thinks Ponta has done further mistakes after losing presidential elections. “After losing presidential elections, Ponta has made the huge mistake of not quitting the position of PSD President. I have foreseen that he would be in trouble if he did not give up one of his positions, either that of PSD President, or that of Prime Minister. He could not give up governing, so, he had to quit his position as PSD president, to relieve the tension in the party. And as facts proved, there was no other solution.”


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