16.6 C
September 27, 2022

Heat wave to be followed by storms

After most of Romania was placed under an amber alert for hot weather on Thursday, high temperatures suffocating whole parts of Oltenia, Muntenia, central and southern Moldavia and western Dobrogea and the temperature-humidity index surpassing the critical threshold of 80 units, the National Meteorological Administration (ANM) warned that we will face storms. Thus, according to an atmospheric instability forecast set to remain in force until Friday evening at 11 p.m., southern, eastern and central regions will be most affected.

“In the afternoon of Thursday, July 30, as well as on the night of Thursday to Friday, July 30-31, there will be periods of time featuring significant atmospheric instability, mostly in central and north-eastern regions of the country, as well as in mountainous and hilly areas. On Friday, July 31, the area of instability will engulf most of the regions, but in particular southern, eastern and central regions. It will rain and there will be thunderstorms and temporary wind gusts. The rains will be torrential so that over limited areas the quantity of precipitation will surpass 20 litres per square meter and 30-35 litres per square meter over small areas in the Eastern Carpathians and the Carpathian Alps. There will be conditions for hailstorms. On Friday, July 31, the weather will remain warm in southern regions, hot in the afternoon over small areas, and the temperature-humidity index will still surpass the critical threshold of 80 units,” ANM informed in a communiqué on Thursday.

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