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June 30, 2022

Liviu Dragnea: “I wish Victor Ponta had voted for me. It hurt me that he did not”

The interim President of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea (photo R), declared on Wednesday evening for Digi24 that he had expected Victor Ponta to support him as leader of the party and not Rovana Plumb, confessing that he was hurt by not having his former boss’ vote.

On the other hand, Liviu Dragnea declared that he could understand why Victor Ponta had had this option. Choosing Rovana Plumb as interim President of the party while he was in Turkey, he probably would have preferred things to stay that way.

“I wish Victor Ponta had voted for me”, Liviu Dragnea confessed nonetheless.

He outlined, though, that a position in a party such as PSD was not gained in one week and that he did not campaign at all.

Liviu Dragnea also mentioned that, most likely, from now on, the PSD President will not be the same person as the Prime Minister.

“I think that it is too much to place the position of PSD President and that of Prime Minister in one hand. I think that, from now on, we should not have such things inside PSD, as the responsibility is tremendous and it is terribly hard to be both an excellent Prime Minister and a good and efficient party president. It was a common decision I and Victor ponta reached. I think that we were both wrong, because we both were members of the Government, he was Prime Minister, I was Vice-Prime Minister, he was  the President of PSD, I was the Executive President. This is why, gradually, involuntarily, the party was left behind a little bit, the public communication was focused mostly as a Government instrument and slowly disappeared, the relations between the party and the Government have slowly turned into a natural relation of cooperation, of partnership and our work together turned into some kind of subordination and we risked, if we continued proceding this way, to not be able to function inside of the party”, Dragnea declared for Digi 24.

“After Victor Ponta’s resignation, everyone felt the need to resuscitate the party, to restart it, so that the party would once again gain a powerful, serious voice, to start communicating internally, to reach every member; the Government would approach each meeting of the Permanent National Bureau with at least one governmental topic we could discuss inside the party, Parliament groups would have a better relation with Ministers, because the Parliament supporta the Government and votes for laws forwarded by the Government. This balance will bring advantages to the Government as well, and political life will start to be much more present inside the party”, Liviu Dragnea declared.


Iohannis and Ponta are both mistaken. They can be mutually unfriendly, but they have to communicate.


Dragnea also declared on Wednesday evening that both President Klaus Iohannis and Prime Minister Victor Ponta are wrong in not talking to one another. Dragnea declared that the two are institutionally required to communicate.

“I think that they had made mistakes. In my opinion, both of them had. Their job requirements and the number of votes each of them received, Klaus Iohannis when being voted President, Victor Ponta when being voted a member of the Parliament in 2012, when the Parliament propelled him to the position of Prime Minister clearly demand them to communicate. They are both mistaken. They can be mutually unfriendly, they can dislike each other as much as they want to, but, for the stability of this country, they have to communicate institutionally. These things happening right now are wrong”, Liviu Dragnea declared for Digi 24, commenting on the relation between the President and the Prime Minister, especially after their disagreements on the Tax Code.

Dragnea showed that this war was not useful to anyone, just like the war between Victor Ponta and Traian Basescu has caused disadvantages to both. “It is not OK to persist too much in fights and rejecting communication”, the interim leader of PSD declared.

As far as the Tax Code was concerned, Liviu Dragnea declared that he had demanded a study of impact from behalf of the Ministry of Finances, to prepare the extraordinary session of the Parliament, where the request for review issued by the Head of the State would be discussed.

“The Tax Code is a document we care about a lot. There are major changes in the Tax Code that could bring Romania a lot of satisfaction and development (…) The President has sent it back for review. At the time being, we have no arguments yet to change the respective law, yet, considering that we are talking about Romania’s President, I have demanded in the Permanent National Bureau that the Ministry of Finances would conduct a study of impact and make it available to the members of the Parliament, who are due to meet in the extraordinary session”, Dragnea declared, adding that it was “minimum proof of respect” to President Iohannis that the Government would make one more analysis and come up with new arguments.

On the other hand, Liviu Dragnea rejected accusations launched against him, that he had “an agreement” with Klaus Iohannis. “My last conversation with the President occurred shortly after he started his term, at a consultation with parties”, the interim PSD leader declared.


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