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June 26, 2022

Mircea Geoana: ‘We risk being crushed in the big power game’

The President of the Social Romanian Party (PSRO), Mircea Geoana, says he never meant to leave PSD and that he was astonished when he was ousted.

‘I never wished to leave PSD and I was astonished when I was ousted’, Mircea Geoana said on Antena 3 TV on Wednesday.

‘If PSD approved that they no longer needed me, my experience, my credibility, what I could contribute locally and internationally, to whom do I have a bigger obligation after all? To Ponta and Dragnea? Or the people who gave me their votes? (…) My question for my former PSD colleagues is if PSD, with its logo and all, has not perhaps reached a terminus point.’, the PSRO leader added.

Mircea Geoana was expelled from PSD in 2014, after the presidential election. Immediately after being removed from the party, Geoana said that, ‘unfortunately, as long as it is led by Mr. Iliescu and Mr. Nastase from the shadow, this party doesn’t stand a chance to reform’. Afterwards, he set up PSRO.

The president of PSRO also stated that Romania is currently at crossroads.

‘Romania is an extremely relevant country from a strategic point of view. We are clear now that, unless we try o do things differently, introduce a different rule of the game in politics, administration, economic, social and foreign policy of Romania, we risk being crushed in the big power game’, Mircea Geoana also said.

He also spoke about ex-President Traian Basescu, saying that ‘no one is above the law’.

‘As time passes, what the Constitution of Romania states – no one is above the law – will start working, also in the case of very resounding names… be they on Mr. Basescu’s side, with PSD, PNL, or wherever (…)’, Geoana said, answering a request to explain why nothing had happened to Traian Basescu three years after being dismissed by Romanians.


‘Ponta and Dragnea decided Mircea Geoana is no longer needed in PSD’


During the launching of the local branch of PSRO, Geoana said in Sibiu on Wednesday that ‘good quality people in PSD will join his new party. He did not hesitate to attack former PSD colleagues, reminding of the fact that they had obtained a ‘catastrophic’ score in the 2014 presidential election.

‘The pretty obvious thing is that PSD obtained a catastrophic score in the presidential runoff in Sibiu. It is no longer my problem what PSD does in Sibiu, my problem now is what PSRO does in Sibiu. I am convinced that good quality people from PSD will come join us as things clarify on the national political stage and at a county level’, Mircea Geoana said.

Asked if he believed he had a chance to lead PSD again, given the latest developments in the party, M. Geoana explained that he never wanted to leave the party.

‘I never wanted to leave PSD. The people of PSD, starting with Ponta and Dragnea, decided and a group of citizens somehow lacking personal opinions, agreed with the idea that Mircea Geoana was no longer needed in PSD. It doesn’t mean that Mircea Geoana is not needed in the Romanian Left. (…) I, unlike Victor Ponta, helped with Victor Ponta’s presidential campaign’, Geoana noted, according to stiridesibiu.ro.

The president of the Social Romanian Party (PSRO) was in Sibiu for the opening of the local organisation of his party.

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