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August 10, 2022

Sebastian Ghita at Supreme Court: Not a happy situation

MP Sebastian Ghita went to the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) on Thursday to find out if he will continue to be kept on probation in the case where he had been referred to Court for bribery, instigation to abuse of office resulting in obtaining undue benefits for another person and money laundering.

‘It is not a happy situation for anyone. I am here to file a request. I believe it will take a while before the defences are made and the rest of the activities are completed in this case. We need to be patient. I do not wish to comment on what is going on within the trial. The phase of polemics and debates is already in the past. The case is now in Court, we need to respect the work of the judge and wait for the decision’, Ghita said.

The MP said he was ‘proud’ of what he had done in Ploiesti. ‘It’s a beautiful team. Today, 700 children play basketball in Ploiesti. I am sorry that all the effort all these years is ending here, with an investigation and trial. In everything I have done I have tried not to break the law \and not to spend public funds. The support for the team – which is not mine – came from the Municipality who wanted to contribute. The phenomenon was appreciated in Ploiesti’, Sebastian Ghita also said.

Ghita was sent to Court by the DNA Ploiesti prosecutors on Wednesday, together with former Ploiesti Mayor Iulian Badescu, on charges of giving bribe, instigation to abuse of office and money laundering.

Badescu, currently on remand in a distinct judicial case, was brought to trial for bribe-taking and abuse of office. He was accused that, in 2013, he offered a sports club supported by Sebastian Ghita, instigated by him, an additional non-repayable financing from the local budget in the amount of 1,500,000 lei, which constitutes both a loss of the municipality and an undue benefit obtained by the association in question’, according to DNA.

In return for the allocation, Badescu asked for an obtained from the defendant Ghita, via a trading company under the latter’s control, a residential house situated in Ploiesti and worth 1,041,600 lei, of which the mayor only paid 124,000 lei, according to anticorruption prosecutors.

The former mayor of Ploiesti is also on trial in a criminal case involving similar offences he allegedly committed as a mayor, on 26 May.



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