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December 7, 2021

Cybersecurity in Romania Conference: A Swiss Concept for Romanian needs, the only public-private cybersecurity dialogue platform in Central Europe

Cyber-A3-AfisIT firms have a huge social responsibility role in a country where the basics of cybersecurity are poorly known to the general public and to the non-technical managers. In this frame, the yearly public-private dialogue platform “Cybersecurity in Romania” was created in 2013 by the NGO Swiss Webacademy (SWA), a Professional Association for web trainings, located in Sibiu and placed under the Honorable Presidency of the Swiss Ambassador in Romania, H.E. Jean-Hubert Lebet.

The challenge of this very special congress is to create a “Swiss concept” adapted to the Romanian skills and needs, the real core of the way the congress had been constructed since the beginning. To be useful in the daily-changing cyber-world, the dialogue between State specialists, non-vendor analysts, IT security companies representatives and private as well as public decision-makers (IT consumers), may they be from huge or small companies, is not only essential, but compulsory. This dialogue is the key to mutual understanding and the starting point of new collaborations and fruitful brainstorming.

This way of collaboration, which Switzerland is used to, by its traditions of consensus, federalism and neutrality, aroused the interest of the highest national and global authorities in the field since the first congress edition, under the High Patronage of the Swiss Embassy to Romania.

Two basic conditions are necessary for such a challenge: accepting only non-marketing and non-technical speeches and avoiding boring vendor approaches but also ultra-technical discussions, which would not be understandable for the audience.

Of course, an international atmosphere, neutrality and equity of treatment granted to the speakers, along with a non-profit management of the event are the four pillars on which such an initiative has placed itself on a key position amidst the explosion of meetings, conferences and congresses focused on this very issue.

There is also a need to fulfill, i.e. to train non-technical decision-makers on the basics and specific terminology of IT security. For this reason, SWA yearly offers a pre-congress awareness-raising day. Private companies CEOs and Public Institutions directors are hence fit for the congress and, moreover, to engage in dialogue with the specialists during the congress breaks, relax zone and social events.

The unexpected success of the first edition led the International Telecommunications Union (UN-Geneva) (ITU) to grant the Congress technical and financial support, developing the Sibiu event into a macro-regional dimension covering all Central and Eastern Europe, while the Sibiu County Council is assisting the event with all its forces, through an outstanding support rarely seen by a local administration throughout Europe in this domain.

With this precious support, the 2014 edition involved 65 speakers from 28 countries (institutional and private, among them 12 countries represented by a governmental institution) interacting with 200 attendees.

This year’s edition, is starting under the best auspices: as in the previous edition, the ITU, is supporting the organization of the 2014 congress, by ensuring the presence of its cyber-security division and, thanks to a special grant, by inviting internationally renowned governmental and independent specialists. The congress will take place under the High Patronage and in presence of the Swiss Ambassador, H.E. Jean-Hubert Lebet, warrant of neutrality for the event.

Moreover, the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) as well as the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police (IGPR) decided to become partners too. Under this triple Aegis and with their support, not only we are sure that most prominent State actors will be present, but, much more, we can be certain that the congress will address the right hottest questions and topics in real time. Romanian IT security firms, as well as most prominent Romanian IT professional associations are helping us, in the same time, to present to the private sector the most pertinent agenda.

But the main novelty compared to the last editions is that the congress opens its doors to the general public.

From Tuesday, 22nd to Friday, 25th of September, the huge entrance hall of the “Casa de Cultura a Sindicatelor Sibiu” will host an access-free innovation fair, where State Institutions, NGOs, professional associations, Academia and private companies, will exhibit stands where they will display and share their know-how with the public.

The free-of-charge pre-congress day (23rd of September), following an ITU, but also a Romanian Institutional suggestion, will host the biggest awareness-raising event ever made in Romania, targeting from children to adults. We expect a total of 2000 attendees for the three shows. The teenager afternoon will end with a 40′ duplex with the International Child Online Protection Summit taking place in Warsaw, and renowned world experts in this field will discuss live with teens from Sibiu. Then, the evening will be opened by the ITU and the highest national authorities in the field, and will show spectacular demos of how vulnerable we are, alternating with short keynote speeches, serious but funny in the same time, as well as short videos.

During the same day, SWA and its partners will do the traditional Decision-maker dedicated awareness-raising training course.

24th and 25th of September will be dedicated to the congress, and finally the 26th of September will mark the 1st closed-door post-congress meeting between State representatives, analysts, specialists and Private companies, in order to draw some conclusions of the most interesting aspects emerged from the discussions.


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