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August 17, 2022

Ewopharma : Swiss based pharmaceutical company with “certified” Romanian roots

There are not so many to know that Ewopharma AG is a Swiss based pharmaceutical company with “certified” Romanian roots.

Believe it or not, these are the facts, above any doubts: back in 1959, two gentlemen’s, Marcel Leclerc and Ernst Wolgemuth have decided to establish in Schaffhausen, Vordergasse 43, a pharmaceutical company, on their own.

By that time, both were involved in sales and promotion activities for Jansen Cilag Switzerland, mostly dealing with radiology products.

Marcel Leclerc was born in Bucharest (1909), his father being a Swiss citizen and his mother, Romanian…there are little details regarding the way they have meet, but, what it is important is that Marcel Leclerc saw, for the very first time, the smiling face of his mother under the Romanian blue sky. No matter how long he actually lived here, we assume that, as a Romanian descendent he dreamed for a prosperous company, helping his fellow citizens to improve, to a higher extend their quality of life, facilitating their access to effective, best quality, innovative medicines.

Geopolitical environment significantly changing late ‘80s the company managed to open its first representative office in Bucharest, during the autumn of 1992. Ernst Wolgemuth managed the organization, after the death of Marcel Leclerc (1988), making sure that their common dream stayed alive, over time. In 1992, the company’s name changed from Leclerc & Co. to its present one: Ewopharma AG.

Today, in 2015, Ewopharma AG is a well-known pharmaceutical company, promoting among Romanian health care professionals highly valued medicines of major European pharmaceutical companies. It is more than a simple guess that the number of Romanian physicians that have never prescribed one of Ewopharma’s AG medicines is much lower to those that already had. Radiologists, gastroenterologists, pediatricians, allergists, neurologists, infection diseases and ENT specialists any many others are our major, long term, committed partners. Our strong pharmaceutical brands are really part of the daily treatments of thousands and thousands of Romanian patients, improving their health condition or offering a valuable support for top imagistic diagnostic procedures.

Continuous medical education is what we value as the most important way to support the development of knowledge and skills of the Romanian physicians, being our obligation to help the local medical community overcoming inherent infrastructure or financial distress. On the other hand, Romanian patients have the right to receive best available medicines and we are striving to find best products to fulfil their customized needs.

In recent years, Ewopharma AG has diversified its portfolio, beside innovative drugs, medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics being included.

Looking back, we understand that nothing would have been possible without the registration of Ewopharma AG in the Commercial Gazette of Schaffhausen by Marcel Leclerc and Ernst Wolgemuth, back in 1959. Equally important is that Ewopharma AG Romania is, today, on top of the history, the result of the dedication, creativity, persistence and great personal implication of its employees. Ewopharma AG offers, beside best quality medicines a great place to work for more than 30 people, some of them with the company since early 2000.

Cristian Stanciu, within Ewopharma AG Romania for 14 years, already, is managing now the Romanian Representative Office, aiming to preserve its values and maintain the growing trend of the business, for the following years.

One of the major skills of Ewopharma AG is its flexibility and adaptability: no matter how challenging the economic environment was, we did found our path and worked it out, developing continuously our business.

We do strongly believe that, were is a will there is always a way: we are totally committed to continue the success story of Ewopharma AG in Romania, proving to the World that solid foundation and wise management is the recipe for long term, best achievements.

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