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December 6, 2022

ARTmania Festival 2015 transforms Sibiu’s old medieval citadel into multinational space

Under a clear sky lit by the full moon, in a heated atmosphere, both literally and figuratively, the Large Square of the medieval citadel of Sibiu, which put on its rock outfit for this event, hosted the 10th edition of the ARTmania Festival last weekend, a cultural project that has taken place every summer since 2006. The city streets became bustling on Friday, when they were assaulted by culture-thirsty tourists from all over the world. In the evening you almost could not drop a pin without hitting someone, the crowds seeking to attend concerts that brought on stage artists from fairly varied rock genres. The crowds enjoyed the freedom of not being herded into enclosed spaces like happened in previous years, since this time the festival had no admission fees. That was another reason for the thousands of persons of all ages and nationalities to allow themselves to be carried away by sounds that are rarely heard live in Romania.DSC_1463

The concerts in the Large Square followed the classic schedule structure featuring three international acts per evening, starting at 7 p.m. Apocalyptica, Anathema, Clan of Xymox and Saturnus were the three main bands that thrilled the audience, especially the nostalgics who wanted, maybe for over a decade, to have the chance to attend such concerts, especially in such a location in which the sounds coming off from the stage blended with the atmosphere of the medieval citadel in a timeless artistic melange.

DSC_1332The first band to take to the stage was Enemy of Reality, a symphonic metal band that came together in 2013 in Athens. After the atmosphere warmed up, they were followed by Saturnus, a band that was much-awaited by the fans that came specifically in order to watch this band considered to be the most inspiring and widely recognized in the melodic doom metal genre in Denmark.

The icing on the cake on Friday was Anathema. Vincent, Jamie Cavanagh, Daniel & Co. returned to Sibiu to celebrate ten years of unforgettable experiences and concerts alongside ARTmania fans.

On Saturday, day two of the festival, after the fans were thrilled early in the evening by Numph and the darkwave and gothic rock rhythms of Clan of Xymox, highly appreciated particularly by the teenagers in the first rows, the symphonic metal of Apocalyptica took hold of the Large Square until midnight.DSC_1456

Alongside Franky Perez, the band’s new vocalist, the violinists expressed their delight to be back in Romania and gave the audience the festival’s most-awaited show, their recital including songs that were recently introduced in the band’s repertoire.

Apocalypitca’s rock was enjoyed by the thousands of fans that came from all over the world especially to see the Finnish rockers and also by those who joined by chance the rock fans gathered in front of the stage.

DSC_1497The ARTmania Festival also featured many other concerts, alternative events, museums, exhibitions, book readings, workshops and theme parties in various locations of the medieval citadel of Sibiu. A wide range of cultural events for the tens of thousands of tourists that visited the beautiful city in which culture always comes first.

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