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September 26, 2020

Dragnea on his relationship with the Premier: Ponta made awkward gestures, broke rules of friendship. It seemed we grew cold

Social Democratic Party (PSD) Interim President Liviu Dragnea commented on his relationship with Victor Ponta, stating that although the Premier is among the few people he truly cares about the relations between them seem to have grown “cold” lately following Ponta’s “awkward” gestures that broke “the rules of friendship.”

Liviu Dragnea made the comments on his Facebook page, rarely used by PSD’s Interim President because it is “a rather personal space” and “the subject is primarily a personal one.”

“I have few friends I really care about, and Victor is one of them. (…) I saw in him and I continue to see a young man gifted for high-level politics as few have been. I assisted him faithfully, I supported him loyally and I received, until recently, the same treatment from him. Lately however, when politics brought storm clouds over Victor, my friend started to show signs of cold. I am convinced the pressure in which he has worked lately has made him lose his calm and balance, and this priceless friend of mine has given me the impression that we have suddenly grown cold,” Liviu Dragnea wrote on Facebook, adding that he feels it is “his fault.” “Being ten years older, I should have understood faster than I did,” PSD’s Interim President added.

The Social-Democrat indirectly reproaches Victor Ponta for his behaviour toward him and the party since the Premier’s legal problems began.

“I thought friends do not leave each other confused, that friends phone each other no matter how serious the circumstances are, that friends ask each other for help in difficult moments. Well, because my young friend has made some awkward gestures, because he has broken for a while all these rules of friendship, I hastily reproached him publicly,” Dragnea wrote, admitting however that it would have been better not to have made those “reproaches,” which nevertheless stemmed only from his “concern.”

In this sense, PSD’s Interim President continues to assure Victor Ponta of his friendship.

“My friendship for him is intact today. I assure him that, no matter how heavy the burden he has chosen to carry is, I will always be by his side in word and action. It doesn’t matter how one may have voted in a political assembly, it doesn’t matter who backed whom. We were close and I hope we will continue to be just as close, because one cannot erase the almost six years that have passed since we jointly set out to do what we wanted to be great things,” Dragnea wrote, emphasizing that one cannot talk about betrayal between him and Victor Ponta.

“I am a provincial sentimentalist, with his sins and limitations, and friendship is a limit I have always tried my best not to break,” the PSD leader wrote on his Facebook page.

On the other hand, Dragnea also commented on his candidacy for the leadership of the party, stating that he did not do it in order to “settle scores,” but because he believed this is better for PSD.

“I am here, the party isn’t going anywhere, my sentencing is getting closer – everything, in what concerns me, is just as it was before being elected. Those who will succeed me at the helm of PSD will judge me by my merits,” PSD’s Interim President concluded.

Likewise, Liviu Dragnea responded to the accusations according to which he allegedly collaborated with the “DNA-SRI binomial.”

“I’ve also been accused of having collaborated with the “binomial.” Whatever that means, I would like to point out that I also collaborated with the DNA when I was investigated, I also collaborated with the court when I was tried and convicted. I did not resist, I was honest, I behaved like a responsible citizen and now, while I am waiting for the High Court’s sentence, I assure you all I will be just as cooperative,” Dragnea added.

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