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June 22, 2021

Jabs between Liberals and Social Democrats over distance voting bill

*PNL wants distance voting law to be debated on together with Fiscal Code, in August session


gorghiu National Liberal Party (PNL) Co-chair Alina Gorghiu asked on Friday that the Social Democratic Party (PSD) should accept the debate on the distance voting law during the extraordinary Parliament sitting due on 24 – 26 August when the Fiscal Code is to be re-discussed, to enable the enforcement of the act as of 2016.

‘I am asking the leaders of PSD to add the distance voting law on the agenda of the extraordinary session to discuss the Fiscal Code. (…) Please note that, if we do not do it during this extraordinary session, in September it will be too late, because we will already be during the year before the parliamentary election when electoral laws may not be amended, as the Constitutional Court has ruled and also according to the recommendations of the Venice Commission, Alina Gorghiu said during a press conference in Targoviste.

Gorghiu also said she was urging PSD to repair the mistake of November 2014, when Romanians based abroad had encountered difficulties when trying to vote in the presidential election.

‘Mr. Dragnea, currently the President of PSD, was in the Government when the biggest offence was made to the Romanians in the Diaspora, whose right to vote was violated. I am now urging PSD, led by Liviu Dragnea, to repair that grievous error and publicly announce their intention to back our proposal to deal with the issue of the distance voting’, Alina Gorghiu further said.

Still on Friday, Gorghiu said that, in principle, the talks with PSD and UDMR on various themes of major interest might happen around the date of 15 August and that PNL would set a calendar for the consultations as well as the team that will participate in the debates within the National Political Bureau, on Monday.

Social-Democratic sources have told Mediafax that PSD had not yet made a decision on the consultations with PNL and that the matter would be on the agenda of the following National Standing Bureau of the party that might happen around the date of 15 August. The Social-Democrats are also discussing the mandate for the extraordinary parliamentary session that is due to take place on 24 – 26 August, for the re-examination of the Fiscal Code.


PSD’s Firea accuses Liberals for the delay registered


PSD Spokesperson Gabriela Firea considers that Parliament has enough time to vote on the postal voting issue in the autumn, gabrielafireaprovided the Liberals agree to it.

“If the Liberals manage to agree on a position, we have sufficient time for the postal vote law in the autumn.” If PNL indeed has political will, the issue will be settled by the commission and then the Parliament plenum during the autumn sitting, because the 2016 elections will not take place in September but most likely toward the end of the year. So there is sufficient time, so we wait from our Liberal colleagues for proof of responsibility and not just sterile rhetorical exercises,” the Social Democrat Senator stated, according to a PSD communiqué issued on Sunday and quoted by Agerpres.

Gabriela Firea claims that “for PNL leaders postal voting is only an appealing issue for exaggerated statements, not a real political issue.”

She accuses that the Liberals are to blame for the delay registered. “If they truly wanted to solve this problem they would have had the leverage necessary since they hold the chairmanship of Parliament’s electoral law commission. But instead of a good law concerning the votes of Romanians living abroad, we have four draft laws on this issue, we’ve had a no-confidence motion, a request to convene an extraordinary Parliamentary session on this issue, and now the request to include this issue on the order of the day of the session that will be convened for the Fiscal Code,” Gabriela Firea pointed out.


Firea re-elected president of PSD Ilfov


PSD Senator Gabriela Firea was re-elected on Thursday, unanimously, as president of PSD’s Ilfov branch. She was in fact the only candidate.

“You will not be disappointed and excuse me if, out of my desire to see the branch at the forefront, I nag you too much, I summon you for meetings. Party life is very dynamic. Everything that has to do with our extended family, our dear people of Ilfov, is in our thoughts,” Firea said.

PSD Interim President Liviu Dragnea attended the party branch meeting, stating that he has confidence in Gabriela Firea and that her re-election is a confirmation of her work and achievements.

“Now PSD is in the midst of a stabilization process, PSD is in a very difficult moment, maybe the most difficult in the history of the party and I am convinced that if we stand up we will become once more the party of millions of people that backed us and will back us. Let’s not forget who we are, what we can do, that we are the party that is not afraid of political opponents,” Dragnea told the party branch members.

In this sense, Dragnea pleaded for decentralization, pointing out that it is not fair how budget funds are earmarked for counties.

Gabriela Firea has been president of PSD Ilfov since 2013.


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