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April 13, 2021

Liberal co-chair Gorghiu about local organisations proposing mayor candidates: ‘If they fail, they will pay’

The National Liberal Party (PNL) leaders analysed, during the meeting of the National Political Bureau on Monday, the candidacies submitted ahead of the local election in 2016. Accordion to PNL Co-president Vasile Blaga, ‘on a first leading, over 90% of the incumbent mayors want to stand for election again’.

However, the situation in Cluj looks a bit uncertain. Cluj-Napoca Mayor Emil Boc having said he would postpone his joining the race for the 2016 local election until he has dealt with the municipal rubbish situation, Vasile Blaga contradicted him on Monday.

Blaga said Boc had joined the race for the 2016 local election within the internal procedure of the party, after the Liberal leaders in Cluj had said the ex-PM had postponed making a decision on his candidacy until after dealing with the issue of municipal waste and completion of projects financed with European funds.

‘I talked to him last night. And I have also seen the list presented by Cluj in the morning. Yes, he is in the race. I understood Mr. Boc. He’s got a problem… he is not adding conditions. It’s an issue regarding the municipal waste management over there. He is dealing with a temporary problem’, Blaga said.

Before the meeting of the National Political Bureau on Monday, PNL Cluj Co-president Daniel Buda had said Emil Boc would postpone submitting his candidacy.

Until Monday, the one person who had submitted their candidacy in PNL for the office of mayor of the city of Cluj-Napoca was the current President of Cluj County Council, Mihai Seplecan.

PNL will re-discuss local election candidacies between 28 and 30 August, at Gura Humorului.


 ‘I have very high expectations of Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Iasi and Constanta’


Alina Gorghiu, the Co-president of PNL, said a lot of hard work would be done in the party in order to win the election in 2016 and that they were counting on the fact that PSD would be weaker this time than before.

‘I don’t know if we will win the next elections, but we will sure work hard for that. It would be easy for me to say yes, we will win, especially considering the opinion polls. Here is why: the National Liberal Party is in a new situation compared to the local elections in the past. Today, we are a big party, not just given our history, tradition and values, but also because of structures and organisation. We have hundreds of thousands of members and a very large number of locally elected officials. Although there is room for a lot better, we do have many strong organisations. For the first time after 1989, PSD will be facing a party that attracts the overwhelming majority of the right-wing vote. For the first time, the Romanian political right is united under the standard of PNL, which was possible because prominent leaders of the former PNL and PDL placed political maturity and pragmatism above egos and rivalry. On the other hand, we have an unreformed left. They have failed in making a modern party out of PSD, both the old communists grouped around Ion Iliescu and Adrian Nastase and the young leaders without beliefs represented by Victor Ponta and his entourage’, Gorghiu said in an interview for stiripesurse.ro.

‘All major cities can be won by the PNL representatives if we know how to find our best candidates. To be very concrete, I have very high expectations of Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Iasi and Constanta. These five major cities, but also other important cities such as Baia Mare, Oradea, Arad, Targu Mures, Brasov, Craiova, Pitesti, Ploiesti, Braila, Bacau, Piatar Neamt or Suceava, must be the engine of the modernisation of Romania’, the Liberal official further noted.

‘For PNL only those people who have a project they believe in will run, people who will convince us that they will be with us on a long term. It’s useless to win an election if you do not modernise communities or if your mayors or councillors defect on the first cal. As they betray us, they will betray their communities. On the other hand, we will not force any local organisation to drop proposals they believe in. It’s a question of respect for our organisations. However, I am warning them that if they fail, they will pay’.


 MP Costică Canacheu wants a Bucharest with 24 districts


PNL MP Costica Canacheu said on Monday that he had submitted his candidacy to the internal party procedure for the selection of candidates, aiming for the position as mayor of Bucharest. In his opinion, Bucharest needs to be administratively re-organised into 24 districts with a single budget and a City Council.

‘First of all, I am fulfilling a procedure set by our party – preliminary elections in the party for selecting the candidates in the 2016 local election. Secondly, I am interested in Bucharest, I know the city very well both as a citizen and tax-payer and as a participant in the decision-making process in the city administration and on the Legislative body of the country’, Costica Canacheu said before the PNL National Political Bureau meeting.

Canacheu said he would bring back to the attention of Parliament a draft law on the re-organisation of Bucharest from a territorial and administrative point of view.

‘I will initiate a bill on the re-organisation of the city of Bucharest. The same bill has been proposed to the various majorities in the Romanian Parliament before, but, unfortunately, so far I have been unable to gather enough votes to give Bucharest a law that would make it possible for us to manage a budget worthy of a major European capital city’, Canacheu said.

The Liberal also said that the draft law he would table included ‘the organisation of the city into 24 districts, with a City Council and a single budget managed in the best interest of the city, in such a way as all the neighbourhoods of Bucharest as well as the neighbourhoods can benefit from genuine programme of development on a long term, agreed upon and initiated on consensual bases by the majority of neighbourhoods in the city’.

The other three so far announced candidates for mayor of Bucharest in PNL are Cristian Buşoi, Ludovic Orban and Petre Roman.


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