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June 21, 2021

Marian Vanghelie: “That’s it, I’m alive. Some thought I died”

Marian Vanghelie, the suspended mayor of Bucharest’s District 5, stated on Monday that he was called by a lot of people whom he thanked and told he does not want to see them.

Marian Vanghelie showed up at the Bucharest Court on Monday in order for the house arrest measure to be verified.

He stated that he was called by many people, without giving names.

“I talked to them on the phone, I won’t give you names, and I told them this: “Thank you for calling me, but I don’t want to see you.” These were persons whom I told I don’t want to see them,” Vanghelie said.

Asked whether he was called by Liviu Dragnea and Victor Ponta, the suspended mayor answered: “We are not talking…”


“I’m not interested in Mr. Geoana”


Likewise, asked whether he was called by Mircea Geoana, Vanghelie stated that “Mr. Geoana” does not interest him. “I’m not interested in Mr. Geoana, I simply am not. I am allowed not to be.”

Journalists also asked Vanghelie about Premier Ponta’s vacation. “For Victor Ponta it’s an extended vacation, as he wanted it I imagine, and not just given what he is doing now. You know better.”

Marian Vanghelie has stated that he has given up trying to change his image, an attempt he made after he became famous for his Romanian grammar blunders, adding that now, after 4 months in jail, he prefers to be “natural as goat cheese.”

Vanghelie told journalists that he has enjoyed “a peaceful month” since he was placed under house arrest, and has received a lot of visits.

“It’s a kind of hearing at home. Lacking the suitable location, some wait on hallways, others in the courtyard, others on the upper floor,” the mayor said.

Asked whether his “high-level friends” visited him too, Vanghelie said: “You know how it is, life teaches you that nobody is a hotshot. We spin, we turn, today you’re great tomorrow you’re small. So it’s a warning for those who believe themselves to be hotshots, you can become very small at any moment. (…) That’s it, I’m alive. Some thought I died, thought that I won’t come back… So, I came back to life.”

Vanghelie also told journalists how a day under home arrest usually goes. “I get up in the morning, yes? I check my agenda, I go outside, drink my coffee, decide who I will meet today and then give phone calls…”

In what concerns the rumours that he and Oana Mizil may part ways, Vanghelie said: “I understand some want to make ratings based on all kinds of nonsense. I even sent the ratings through the roof when I phoned in at a more complicated show in order to explain I don’t have the mood for this sort of things.”

“I did a lot of things, I beat up some so-called journalists, I got into arguments with some politicians, I made grammar blunders… At one point I tried to say I changed my image. But after experiencing the 4-month preventive arrest I said to myself I no longer want to change my image, it’s better to be natural like goat cheese than a snitch. It seems to sound better too,” Vanghelie added.

District 5’s suspended mayor Marian Vanghelie was released from preventive arrest on July 10 and is currently under house arrest. He is accused of malfeasance in office, passive bribery and money laundering.

Marian Vanghelie was arraigned by the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) on July 7, in a case in which he is accused of malfeasance in office, passive bribery and money laundering, some of the accusations concerning the fact that he favoured the company owned by businessman Marin Dumitru when awarding public contracts.

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