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May 24, 2022

PNL’s prime minister-designate attacks possible competitors. Tariceanu under the scrutiny of shadow PM

Catalin Predoiu, the prime minister-designate of the new National Liberal Party (PNL), is attacking potential competitors. Having said he was willing to become the head of the Executive again, Calin Popescu Tariceanu is now being ‘demolished’ by Predoiu, who recaps the performance as a prime-minister of the current head of the Senate. According to the PNL leader, Tariceanu was at the origin of the 2009 – 2010 crisis due to the unwise measures he had taken the previous years and Victor Ponta seems to be walking in his footsteps. Predoiu’s conclusion – the two will share the same fate.

‘Mr. Tariceanu is announcing his availability for being prime-minister with the implicit argument that he’s got talent. A lot has been said and still will on the opportunity of the 2010 austerity measures, but too little has been said on the causes that led to the 2009 – 2010 crisis.

When global economy was being devastated by the 2008 crisis, the talented Mr. Tariceanu was saying there was no crisis and was advising us to invest on credit in America.

During his prime-minister’s term, Mr. Tariceanu omitted to accredit the national authority in charge of the absorption of European funds. The disaster of European funds in Ponta’s term originates in the administrative disaster caused by the talented Mr. Tariceanu.

During his term as prime-minister, the talented Mr. Tariceanu, claiming to be a right-wing politician, overloaded the civil service with approximately 150,000 new posts that inflated the wage envelope, whilst hardly keeping a grip on the budget deficit at 5%.

At the end of his term as prime-minister, the talented Mr. Tariceanu left the Treasury empty and outstanding bills worth approximately EUR 3 bn.

In summary, Mr. Tariceanu’s talents meant inability to anticipate the 2008 crisis, inflating bureaucracy, a huge deficit, unpaid invoices worth a staggering EUR 3 bn, the development fund allocated for expenditures rather than investment, zero lei in the Treasury.

The talented Mr. Tariceanu left the country in a pit, as another quite talented politician, Mr. Ponta, likes to say. It took four years and tremendous sacrifices for the economy to be clawed out of the swirl of the crisis where it had been pushed by the talented Mr. Tariceanu.

The cause if the 2010 austerity was the disaster left behind by Mr. Tariceanu. The talented Mr. Tariceanu was, in reality, the PSD prime-minister. The same PSD that double-crossed him and left him in the opposition. The talented Mr. Tariceanu then lost, naturally, the presidency of his own party. So his current political position as a servant of PSD is no surprise.

Unfortunately, Mr. Tariceanu’s irresponsibility in 2008 has been reincarnated as Mr. Ponta. It’s truly a paradox that, invoking the recovery of the economy thanks to redressing measures taken before his time, Mr. Ponta is now sabotaging it with the same reckless measures and lack of reform, exactly as during the term of the talented Mr. Tariceanu. Both race pilots, both with knee injuries, Mr. Tariceanu and Mr. Ponta still have another thing in common – their political talent of undermining economy on a long term. I am convinced they will share the same unfortunate political fate’, Catalin Predoiu states on Facebook.

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