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April 12, 2021

Reform of PSD: New leader, old projects

The in-coming interim leader of the ruling party, Liviu Dragnea, has announced he wanted to reform the Social-Democratic Party (PSD) and presented a plan of immediate measures. Many of his projects are, however, imported from his predecessors, Digi24.ro notes. The PSD departments are the creation of Adrian Nastase’s, the promotion of young people in politics is a Victor Ponta-branded trend and the ‘1 leu for PSD’ initiative was Mircea Geoana’s idea.

The reactivation of departments, some sort of shadow cabinet, is one of the projects Liviu Dragnea presented. But it is not at all original, as the idea came from Adrian Nastase.

‘The departments of PSD will be operational and effective, they will have structures in every county where the party members will sign up according to their respective backgrounds’, said Liviu Dragnea on Thursday.

Adrian Nastase created the PSD departments as a source of government policies. He have them the famous headquarter in Ion Ionescu de la Brad Street, and, after the debates, he would hold press conferences to present the conclusions of the works.

But Liviu Dragnea’s plans also include the youth. He wants to set up an online platform where they should be able to present their projects. Victor Ponta had a similar plan – PSD online – which is still up and running and was coordinated by Sebastian Ghita for a while.

‘It is time for us to move beyond the stage of likes on Facebook, we will build a genuine online debate platform where the young people in PSD, but also those who are not members of this party can say how they believe the party’s youth composition should be, on the one hand, and state their opinion on how they think the big projects of this country should be dealt with, on the other hand’, Liviu Dragnea said.

The promotion of PSD youth is an older initiative. Back in 2013, Valeriu Zgonea and Victor Ponta tried to support a few PSD MPs from among the young members who should have appeared more frequently in the mass-media and speak about the party. One of them was Mihai Sturzu, the current President of the PSD Youth Organisation.

Another recycled idea is also ‘1 leu for PSD’. In 2006, Mircea Geoana was asking the Social-Democrats to pay their membership fee of 1 leu in order for the party to be able to pay some of its debt. Liviu Dragnea seems to be having the same plan, as the party is in deep financial trouble, Digi24.ro concludes.


Zgonea shoots arrows in Ponta’s direction


The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea, made a direct criticism, however without naming anyone in particular, against the way things had gone in PSD after Victor Ponta’s resignation as the head of PSD, stiripesurse.ro notes.

Zgonea spoke about a PSD 3.0’ and that ‘it is not a good idea for us to close ourselves up inside our offices and communicate with the electorate on the TV or via social media’.

‘Liviu Dragnea has sent out a signal of modernisation of the party, not because we haven’t performed well in the government, but because the society is alive, it needs change every day. We, too, change every day, even the telephone software sometimes changes every few months. I want us to learn from the 2014 failure. We need to learn to engage in conversation with the party members, not just delver speeches and then leave. The leaders we choose should create a story of trust between the membership and the leadership. I want a higher commitment of the local representatives of the economic, social environment, of the civil society. I don’t want us to understand things differently. We also need criticism. We need to speak up when things are not good. I urge you to be critical, to speak up in the party, to say what you believe loud. I believe in a PSD the 3.0 version. However, I don’t think this is a good time for us to fight via the mass-media. Those who can understand will understand. I want us to be more coordinated, more disciplined and very rigorous. Last year we went to sleep as winners and we woke up as losers. We cannot afford any more mistakes. It is not a good idea for us to close ourselves up inside our offices and communicate with the electorate on the TV or via social media. This party won when you went door to door. PSD was strong when it shoed that it was a strong team’, Zgonea said on the occasion of the PSD election in Dolj.

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