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April 14, 2021

Romanian cancer patients ask setup of national oncology registry

The Federation of the Romanian Cancer Patients Associations (FABC) says tensions mounted among cancer patients following recent corruption charges against several oncologists. FABC asserts that setting up a National Registry of Oncology would have avoided the trouble.

“The events in the system are regrettable and blameworthy; so are the accusations against oncologists. Nevertheless, labelling all oncology physicians as criminals should be avoided; as already mentioned, it would favour the emergence of swindlers with their offer of scientifically unsupported alternative therapy to allopathy,” FABC asserts in a release on Monday.

A National Registry of Oncology would have closely monitored the allocations to the therapy of cancer pathologies and their benefits, as well as the number of patients, thus producing statistics to be used as a base for oncology in a fair way, the FABC claims.

The organization reminds its requests to healthcare decision-makers over the past 10 years, resulting only in promises of such a database.

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