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December 6, 2022

Romanian Medicine in mourning: Victor Babes Institute Director dies

Academy member Laurentiu Popescu, director of Bucharest’s “Victor Babes” National Institute since 1993, died at the age of 71, Mediafax informs. The lifeless body was laid in state at the Icoanei Church in Bucharest’s Icoanei Park. His funeral will take place on Wednesday, at the Ghencea Civil Cemetery. Laurentiu Popescu discovered the telocytes, a type of human cells that play a regenerative role, being capable of curing the hearts of patients that had heart attacks. Last year Popescu was awarded the “White Magnolia” Award by the Shanghai Municipality Government. In 2012 he received the gold medal from the US-based International Academy of Cardiology. Telocytes are currently recognized by over 40 laboratories on five continents.


Former Health Minister Iulian Mincu passed away


Former Health Minister Iulian Mincu died on Friday at the age of 88. Mincu was the founder of the “N.C. Paulescu” National Institute for Diabetes, Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases and iulian mincupresident of the Diabetes, Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases Society. Likewise, he was a member of the Romanian Medical Sciences Academy, of the New York Science Academy, of the Sao Paolo Academy of Art, Culture and History, and honorary citizen of Louisville, Kentucky, USA. He was awarded the Sanitary Merit Order by former president Ion Iliescu and the Sanitary Merit Order Grand Officer’s Degree. Author of the first public health law, Professor Iulian Mincu continued to work in hospitals many years after his retirement.


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