American from Deveselu ‘admitted’ to Romanian doctor’s home

An American lady who works as an engineer at the Deveselu army base got sick with pneumonia but did not manage to get herself admitted to either of the first two hospitals where she went. However, her story has a happy ending, which caught the attention of the US Embassy in Bucharest.

‘With a severe form of pneumonia and breathing troubles, engineer Sandy Higgins (right), with the army base at Deveselu, could not be admitted to hospital as an emergency because of the lack of space in the first two Romanian hospitals where she presented herself. Sandy, however, was lucky enough to come across some really special doctors – Diana and Robert Medregoniu. Fluent in English and convinced that the emotional support to the patient should come first, the Medregoniu family helped Sandy recover, even if they had to host her in their home’, the US Embassy In Romania states on Facebook.

The American lady went to the hospital in Caracal in March, where she was told she had pneumonia. When she was admitted, however, she found out she would need to share the bed with another patient because of the shortage of available beds. Sandy Higgins refused and decided to try at the Craiova County Emergency Hospital. There she came against the same problem, so she was referred to the Infectious Disease Hospital. There was no available private room, but a doctor offered to transform her own office into a ward. The patient’s condition improved and, since the weekend was coming, Dr. Diana Medregoniu took her to her home to continue the treatment.

‘Who would have thought that a trauma would have led to a deep doctor-patient personal relationship?’ – is the conclusion of the American Embassy.


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