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October 1, 2020

Prosecutors order splitting of three cases in Lukoil investigation

Ploiesti Court of Appeals prosecutors have ordered the splitting of several cases in the Lukoil investigation. According to information included in the indictment, the case has been split so that SC Petrotel Lukoil Ploiesti is investigated for tax evasion and money laundering, while SC Lukoil Energy & Gas Romania, SC Lukoil Lubricants East Europe, SC TP Log Exped Services Ploiesti and SC Agentia Lukom-A are investigated for being accessories to tax evasion and money laundering.

At the same time, prosecutors ordered the splitting of the case in order to investigate Bogdanov Andrey for tax evasion and money laundering, but also in order to prosecute Lukoil Europe Holdings Bvatrium Netherlands for being an accessory to the misuse of corporate loans and to money laundering, crimes allegedly committed in 2008-2010.

Likewise, the prosecutors ordered the splitting of the cases in order to prosecute, for tax evasion and complicity to money laundering, dozens of companies that are connected to Lukoil.


Petrotel Lukoil accused of trading with off-shore companies owned by individuals under EU ban


The Petrotel Lukoil Company has carried out transactions with off-shore companies controlled by some persons under the EU sanctions, prosecutors of the Court of Appeals of Ploiesti assert in an indictment.

As regards the funds obtained out of these transactions, the hypothesis gets shape that they involve illicit funds subsequently outsourced – most of them to Petrotel Lukoil affiliates, the prosecutors say.

Financial data available on the external transfers by or to Petrotel Lukoil in 2003-2014 indicate payments worth 15,586,346,461 euros and 11,277,752,032 euros cashed.

One of the off-shore companies with which the Ploiesti-based Petrotel Lukoil has had suspicious transactions was registered in the United Kingdom, although it did not operate at the headquarters it had declared.

On the other hand, the prosecutors mention that the banking operations between Petrotel Lukoil Ploiesti and the bank accounts of its main stakeholder Lukoil Europe Holdings are not accompanied by justifying documents referring to the foreign payment / collection orders.

The investigators also allege that out of the total amount of external payments and receipts, around 249.9 million euros were traded through bank accounts of some off-shore companies.

Likewise, the analysis of the cash flow – correlated with fiscal data submitted to the Romanian authorities – revealed some suspicious transfers between Petrotel Lukoil and Lukoil Europe Holding.

The repeated transfers heading ‘loan’ or ‘loan repayment’ operated during the very same day between Petrotel Lukoil and Lukoil Europe Holding represent, in prosecutors’ opinion, a way of hiding the illicit origin of some funds transiting the accounts of Petrotel Lukoil.

Prosecutors with the Ploiesti Court of Appeals have decided on Monday to prosecute the Petrotel Lukoil Compay of Ploiesti and the Lukoil Europe Holdings of Netherlands for money laundering, use of the company’s money in bad faith and complicity in money laundering,  a press release posted on the Public Ministry’s official website announced. According to the same source, several persons with the Petrotel Lukoil Ploiesti management, including some Russian citizens were sent to justice in the same criminal case .

The indictment includes Petrotel Lukoil Ploiesti CEO and member of the Board Andrey Bogdanov (Russian citizen), accused of using the company’s money in bad faith and money laundering; Russian nationals Alexey Voinstev, deputy CEO with the said company based in Ploiesti, accused of being an accessory in the use the company’s money in bad faith, and Olga Kuzina, also a deputy CEO with the Petrotel Lukoil Ploiesti, as accessory in using the company’s money in bad faith and in money laundering; Moldovan citizen Andrei Rata, member of the Board of Petrotel Lukoil Ploiesti, for the same charges of use in bad faith of the company’s money and money laundering; and Romanians Dan Danulescu, deputy CEO in the Ploiesti company and Dorel Dutu, chief-accountant with the Petrotel Lukoil Ploiesti, both on the same two criminal counts.

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