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November 30, 2020

Traffic on the Danube restricted by drought

River traffic is restricted by the low level of the Danube downstream from Iron Gates II, at kilometre 863+358.

River Traffic Authority sources stated the other days for Agerpres that because of the low river level river transport operators have been asked to lower their cargo weight by 50 per cent.

The measure was taken in order for the ships not to run aground in the sand banks located at critical points identified by specialists along the Danube both in Romania’s territorial waters as well as in Serbia’s and Bulgaria’s.

Romanian naval authorities have marked the navigable channel that has narrowed because of the fall in river levels, so that the ships’ crews could avoid running aground.

According to the same sources, the Danube’s discharge when entering the country is 50 per cent lower than the normal average level for July, namely 5,400 cubic meters per second, the river level dropping to minus 10 centimetres at the Gruia hydrometric station alone, compared to a normal level of 300 centimetres.

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