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May 23, 2022

Basescu: ‘The autumn will find us with UNPR in alliance with PNL and PSD in opposition’

Ex-President Traian Basescu says the parliamentary majority will change this coming fall and the National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR) will enter into an alliance with the National Liberal Party (PNL), sending the Social-Democratic Party (PSD) in the opposition.

‘The autumn will find us with UNPR in alliance with PNL and PSD in opposition’, Basescu said.

Officially, UNPR, through its leader, Gabriel Oprea, has always said he would support Victor Ponta and his Government, but, at the same time, it has also had a series of critical positions regarding the premier, noting that his keeping his office after being prosecuted was hurting Romania’s image.

On Monday, UNPR merged with PPDD, on which occasion Oprea re-asserted his intention to continue in the Government.

‘UNPR must stay in the Government’ and consolidate itself ‘as the third biggest party in Romania’, Oprea said.

‘Anyone who wants stability, security and reliability should come join UNPR, in this way we can gather one million members. I know it’s difficult, but we will make it’, said the UNPR president.


UNPR, pawn that could checkmate any government  


Gabriel Oprea is already proudly announcing 500,000 members. He supports the Government he is a member of, but he also supports President Klaus Iohannis, on matters of security.

The National Union for the Progress of Romania, a party that broke away from PSD five years ago, claims to now have more members than the parent-party. The announcement was made when they completed the merger with PPDD.

‘UNPR has never made a secret of the fact that it is a party of the open doors. Our colleagues from PPDD have a big quality – many of them are new to politics. They are industrious and honest people’, UNPR President Gabriel Oprea said.

Gabriel Oprea wants UMPR to have branches in all localities across the country by this autumn and a double number of members by the 2016 election, from over 500,000 – the figure they claim to have now – to over 1 M.

But the Progressists have not yet decided if they would be on their own or in alliance with PSD in the two elections next year.

Gabriel Oprea: ‘I totally support Victor Ponta as Prime-Minister. Victor Ponta is my friend, he is my ally’.

Liviu Dragnea, the interim President of PSD: ‘There is an unequivocal support of all the parties in the coalition for Victor Ponta to continue as Prime-Minister and PSD, ALDE and UNPR support this Government’.

The support and loyalty of UNPR to its partners in the ruling alliance however has its limits, Digi24.ro notes.

Gabriel Oprea: ‘I will support President Iohannis in the area of national security’.

UNPR proved its power at the end of June, when it votes on the same side as PNL for the appointment of Mihai Razvan Ungureanu as Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE).

Gabriel Oprea: ‘I am not a man who plays political games. I genuinely am a bridge between palaces, because something like that is needed’.

Since 2009, UNPR has always been on the side of the power, regardless of the ruling party or coalition.

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