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March 23, 2023

Deputy PM Gabriel Oprea wants harsher sentences for assaults against police officers

Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea wants harsher sentences for assaults against police officers. In this sense, the Interior Minister has proposed the modification of the Penal Code after a traffic policeman was seriously injured by a Turkish driver last week.

“The Deputy Prime Minister for National Security and Interior Minister Gabriel Oprea proposes harsher sanctions for assaults against police officers. In this sense, at the initiative of Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea, the Interior Ministry has drafted a law that modifies two Penal Code articles, namely Article 257 (assault against police officers) and Article 279 (judiciary assault), in the sense of deterring violent actions against the representatives of state authority,” an Interior Ministry communiqué reads.

“The recent events as well as the analyses we conducted within the Interior Ministry’s special structures determine me to have this initiative. I firmly claim that those who represent state authority should be respected and better protected by the law,” Gabriel Oprea said.

According to the Interior Ministry’s legislative initiative, “the felonies, as defined by the Penal Code, committed against a policeman, gendarme, prosecutor or judge in the execution of their duties or in relation to the execution of their duties will be sanctioned with the punishment entailed by that crime, whose limits are raised by two thirds.”

Likewise, the draft law, forwarded to the Justice Ministry, stipulates “higher sentences for assaults whose victims are the other categories of civil servants whose duties entail the exercise of state authority.”

The Interior Ministry’s initiative comes after last weekend a traffic policeman was hit by a car driven by a Turkish citizen who did not stop for a routine check.

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