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June 30, 2022

Geoana claims Ponta threw in the towel, Gov’t to be replaced

Mircea Geoana stated on Tuesday evening that according to his analysis the government will be replaced “in a few weeks’ time,” at the start of the Parliamentary sitting, and the current Ponta Government will be replaced with a minority government enjoying Parliamentary backing.

Mircea Geoana, the leader of the Romanian Social Party (PSRO), stated on DigiTV that “we will have a new government in several weeks’ time,” most likely at the start of the session, and Victor Ponta will leave on his own, not by being dismissed, just as he stepped down from the helm of the Social Democratic Party (PSD).

“Victor Ponta has thrown in the towel. I believe he is looking for a manner of leaving the stage with as fewer losses as possible, in order to avoid giving off the feeling he fled,” Geoana argued, adding that the current Government will be replaced with a minority government enjoying Parliamentary support.

Asked whether he believes it is possible for another government to be formed by the current ruling coalition, one led by Gabriel Oprea, in case Victor Ponta leaves, Geoana said he does not believe such a scenario because President Klaus Iohannis would not agree with it.

“I don’t believe the Romanian President would accept. (…) I believe the majority would atomize immediately,” Geoana stated, referring to the current coalition falling apart in such a scenario, adding that PSD is already divided considering that a great number of Social Democrats are aware they will lose the government.

Geoana also claimed that, in view of the risk of snap elections, if the President’s first choice for the Premier’s office will run into problems when voted in Parliament then a second or third nomination would surely go through.

The former PSD President also claimed that Victor Ponta is no longer the de facto Premier because he is facing a significant crisis of authority ever since the leadership of PSD was taken over by Liviu Dragnea and the ministers are held accountable within the party.

In his opinion, “a group of citizens” that have nothing to do with “the principles of integrity and professionalism” took hold of PSD, and Liviu Dragnea is completely out of his depth posing as the leader of a party as big as PSD. Geoana also stated that “PSD never before had such a precarious offer of leadership,” the party having been previously led by “important personalities of the Romanian state,” more or less controversial.

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