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January 19, 2022

Proposals for new education law: 12 compulsory years and statute of public authority for teachers

The Ministry of Education is currently holding consultations with teachers, pupils and students on the new education law.

The Education Ministry specialists have talked to representatives of the academic and pre-university system of education these last couple of weeks and will resume discussions at the middle of September.

Among the topics so far addressed there are the compulsory 12 years of education, a separate law for the statue of teachers and giving the responsibility of organising doctoral studies directly to universities.

The Minister of Education, Sorin Campeanu, has said that, according to the normative act, the compulsory education will be of 12 years by 2020. Currently the education is mandatory only until the 10th year. The school text books will become national assets.

‘We have discussed before making the statute of teachers and professors a separate law. For example, regarding the CNATDCU (National Council for the Attestation of University Titles, Diplomas and Certificates – editor’s note), the main responsibilities could be the evaluation of human resources for the accreditation of doctoral schools and evaluation of professors’ files, given the issues with the teachers’ competitions. CNATDCU could therefore be taken away the load of evaluating doctoral theses, we can let universities take responsibility for the process’, Campeanu explained.

‘The important thing is that everybody wants a law stating the 6% of GDP for education. The trade unions, students and pupils want provisions to depoliticise the system of education and changes to make the law more flexible. But a quotation from the Ministry of Education seemed interesting to me: <We do not want spectacular changes, we just want to emphasise certain aspects>’, said the ANOSR head, according to ‘Adevarul’.

Should this new law be adopted, the title of doctor could be withdrawn more easily. The assault on teachers may also be prohibited under a distinct law.

‘We want teachers to have a statute of public authority, in order to be able to sanction, as in the case of police forces, verbal and physical violence against them. We would also like teachers’ pensions to be 80% of the last wage rather than 40 – 50% as currently, Marius Nistor, the President of the Spiru Haret Federation of Trade Unions in Education.

Pupils, in their turn, insist that private tutoring should be removed from the public education system.


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