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May 15, 2021

Celebrities, performers and loan sharks under ANAF scrutiny

The National Fiscal Administration Agency (ANAF) has started the verification of individuals with high income with high fiscal risk, including celebrities, music performers or loan sharks.

‘After 25 years when inequity, in all its forms, has marked the evolution of Romania and Romanians, it is time we changed this state of affairs, at least in the fiscal field. I know very well that people have very high expectations of ANAF at this time and they want to see changed overnight. Unfortunately, we still need to be patient, because of the limited administrative capacity’, ANAF President Gelu Stefan Diaconu, says in a press release.

He stresses that, lately, ghost companies have been removed from the market, tax evading companies have been dismantled and the obligation to issue a fiscal receipt has suffered a radical change.


Gelu Stefan Diaconu: ‘We depress the pedal on evasion even harder’


It is now the time – Diaconu continues – ‘after two years of laborious preparations, to depress the pedal against evasion even harder, including in the segment of individual persons’.

‘Be they public life personalities, musical performers, loan sharks etc, to us, they are all tax-payers who are under an obligation to declare their income. Sooner or later, they will all need to show the proof of the fact that they paid taxes on the money with which they built their wealth’, said the head of the fiscal authority.

The decision was made by the ANAF leadership following the risk assessments conducted by the Fiscal Checks Directorate on natural persons. Individuals posing a high fiscal risk – more specifically risk of non-declaring significant income and evasion of the payment of taxes – have been identified.

The tax authority has also published the process so selection of individuals with high income that pose fiscal risk. Among other things, it includes the phases of verification, the targeted persons and the number of tax inspectors engaged in the campaign.

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