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September 28, 2021

Elena Udrea, Sebastian Ghita and Dumitru Dragomir kept on probation

Proceedings in Elena Udrea’s ‘Gala Bute’ will continue with the defendant still subject to a probation order, as the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) declined her request for the lifting of the preventive measure on Tuesday. The decision is not final and may be challenged before the same Court.

Elena Udrea said at ICJ on Tuesday that she had asked for her probation order to be removed because she wanted to lead a normal life, not to be pursued and photographed by the press and paparazzi and added that, in Romania, anyone with a mobile telephone turns into a paparazzo.

Elena Udrea has been on probation since 16 June, when the High Court replaced her house arrest measure in the ‘Gala Bute’ case.

ICCJ also declined Sebastian Ghita’s request for the modification of the conditions of his probation order, on Tuesday. The defendant asked to be allowed to leave the country. The magistrates from the High Court ascertained the legality of the probation order enforced against Sebastian Ghita and denied the MPs’ request to have his probation conditions changed and be permitted to leave the country.

Sebastian Ghita was referred to Court by DNA Ploiesti in a case of bribe allegedly paid to ex-Ploiesti Mayor Iulian Badescu.

Dumitru Dragomir, former President of the Professional Football League, also got bad news from the Bucharest Court of Appeal, as the magistrates denied, on Tuesday, his request to have his probation order removed. Dumitru Dragomir said in his request that he had been on probation for several months already and, in addition, he wanted to go to the Hungary – Romania match in the preliminary phases of the Euro 2016 Championship. Dragoman’s arguments were apparently not very convincing, as the former Romanian football chief is still subject to a probation order in the case of League 1 broadcasting rights.

Dragomir was placed on probation 16 months ago, on charges of embezzlement and tax evasion in the RCS-RDS case.

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