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July 2, 2022

Deputy PM Oprea: Romania is a safe state that ensures stability in the region

Deputy PM for National Security Gabriel Oprea on Thursday evening said in his speech at the ceremony that took place at the Heroes Mausoleum in Marasesti, on the 98th anniversary of the Romanian Army’s victory on the Eastern Front of the First World War, that Romania is today “a safe state that ensures stability in the region, especially in this complicated security context.”

“Through its courage and sacrifice, the Romanian Army obtained a crucial strategic victory for Romania and for the alliance it was part of 98 years ago. The same army that today shows the entire world that it take its commitments very seriously and that Romania respects its strategic partners and is able to give strength to the alliance it is part of. It is an honour and a privilege for us to be members of NATO, to be part of the most powerful military organisation in the world and to benefit from the most important guarantees in terms of security in our entire history. Romania is a today a safe state, which enjoys the appreciation of all its partners in the European Union and NATO and a state that ensure the stability in its region, especially in this complex security context we are dealing with right now” said Oprea.

The Minister of Home Affairs appreciated that the fact so many people showed up for the ceremony on Thursday evening at the Marasesti-based Mausoleum proved once again that ‘the spirit of this nation is still alive and that patriotism is still a value that keeps Romanians united and in which they strongly believe.

“Based on these fundamental values, our generation must build the true important projects for this country. We have the privilege to be the “Romania’s 100th” generation, since in 2018 we are celebrated the 100th anniversary since the establishment of Romania as a national, unitary state. As a coordinator of the organisation committee of this national programme, I believe that this is a unique moment and we must remain united when faced with the challenges of history,” the Deputy PM Gabriel Oprea concluded.

The ceremony at the Marasesti Mausoleum was organised by the Vrancea County Council and the Vrancea Museum in partnership with the Prefecture, the Focsani City Hall, the Focsani Garrison and the County Cultural Directorate.

The Mausoleum, with its foundation stone laid on August 6, 1923, included 154 individual tombs and 9 common, arranged in eighteen radial columns, in which the human remains of 5,073 soldiers and officers were interred. The unknown soldier’s tomb is also to be found in the park surrounding the the mausoleum, as a symbol of all the heroes who sacrificed their lives for the country and their identity was lost; nearby, there is also an weaponry museum.

The words “For The Glory of Our Nation’s Heroes” were imprinted on the frontispiece of the mausoleum, with the names of the localities where the main battles on Romanian soil took place in the First World War.

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