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October 23, 2021

Liberals give up party HQ because of debts

The National Liberal Party has given up its Kiseleff Boulevard headquarters in Bucharest on August 1. Thus, the Liberals’ central headquarters will now be the one in Modrogan, while the building on Aviatorilor Boulevard will house the PNL Bucharest branch and the office of PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu.

The building located on 10 Kiseleff Boulevard belongs to the Autonomous Agency for the Management of the State Protocol Patrimony (RA-APPS) and had been used for a long time by the Liberals however they were forced to give it up against the backdrop of debts incurred by both the old PNL and the old PDL.

“The request was filed at RA-APPS starting on August 1 because of economic reasons, meaning because of debt too. USL was headquartered there mainly and now it’s a decision of political maturity,” PNL Secretary General Marian Petrache stated for ‘Gandul’ daily.

Although PNL’s 2014 debt level is not yet published on the Finance Ministry’s website, Petrache previously stated for ‘Gandul’ that the debt allegedly totals approximately EUR 3 M, without taking into account the debt owed by the former PDL. The new PNL allegedly owes almost EUR 7 M overall.

Prior to that, Marian Petrache explained that it is pointless to pay for the headquarters instead of paying off the debt.

“It seems to me we would lack seriousness if we were to think about paying for the headquarters and not the debt we owe; after all, we financed our campaign with the help of some companies’ contributions, it is fair to first pay off those debts. We are sued for the 2009 presidential and MEP campaigns and for the 2014 campaign,” Marian Petrache explained.


Higher party membership fee for Liberals with hiked salaries


The PNL leadership wants to ask the Deputy Speakers, Secretaries and Quaestors of the two Chambers of Parliament, officials whose monthly salaries will be hiked to RON 14,000, to pay higher party membership fees, Digi24 informs. The Liberals concerned agree with the proposal.

“We have to contribute in order for the party to have sources of financing for the campaign, for PR, all of this costs,” Senate Quaestor Cristian Bodea stated.

“I find it natural. After all, you ended up there, on that position, with the backing of the party and it’s natural for the party to benefit too if that’s the case,” Lower Chamber Quaestor Ioan Balan stated in his turn too.



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