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January 18, 2022

Regional Institute of Oncology to be established in Timisoara

The Inter-ministerial Council for the approval of the public works of national interest and housing has endorsed, at the Health Ministry’s proposal, the start of the building works at the Timisoara Regional Institute of Oncology.

According to a ministry’s release to Agerpres on Thursday, the institute will include outpatient services, day admittance, continuous hospitalization and palliative treatment, as well as dedicated teaching facilities.

“Timisoara was not included on the list of the centres where Regional Emergency Hospitals are to be built with European funding, as is the case of other cities, such as Iasi, Cluj-Napoca and Craiova. Moreover, unlike other traditional university medical centres (Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi), Timisoara does not have a Regional Institute of Oncology. Therefore, it was of the utmost necessity to develop such an objective in this region, too. The building will be financed from several sources, including European funds for green buildings,” says Professor Dorel Sandesc, MD, secretary of state with the Health Ministry.

According to data provided by the Health Ministry, cancer is a major problem of public health, the second cause of mortality after the cardiovascular diseases. Around 78,800 new cases of cancer are registered annually in Romania (GLOBOCAN 2012 Report).

In Timisoara and the Western region of Romania, the rate of oncological disease is above the national average.

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