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January 27, 2023

Foreign Minister Aurescu: Romanians abroad should enjoy fundamental rights focusing identity preservation

Foreign Affairs Minister, Bogdan Aurescu on Monday sent a message to the participants in the Summer University of Izvoru Muresului, saying that the Romanian state is permanently preoccupied with the preservation, promotion and development of the identity of the Romanians Abroad.

In the message read by president of the National Foundation for Romanians Abroad (FNRP) Eugen Popescu, the minister emphasized that all Romanians abroad, no matter the name by which they are identified, should enjoy the fundamental rights to the preservation of their national identity – use of mother tongue, access to religious service in Romanian, access to information, participation in the social, economic, cultural life and in the public matters – and Romania insists on the observance of such rights in its bilateral dialogue with the resident countries, as well as on a multilateral level.

“All Romanians everywhere, regardless of the name used for their identification, should enjoy these rights, as any other rights provided by the international law and the standards in regard of protection of the persons belonging to the national minorities. We’ve been identified, the long of the history under various names, though all reflecting the same root, the same culture, the same language, the same spirituality: Romanism. Therefore, we are against any attempts of rewriting our history of a manner capable to harm the sacrosanct principle of self-identification and impose a different identity to those who feel Romanian and declare themselves as belonging to the Romanian culture and spirituality. The artificial divisions cannot justify the ignorance of international obligations, relevant to preserving and promoting the rights of the persons belonging to the national minorities,” reads Aurescu’s message.

“We must be unceasingly aware that all the Romanian communities abroad need a carefully-oriented support and a concrete answer to the problems they are confronted with. I want to assure you of my personal involvement in the identification of the most appropriate solutions to answer these concrete needs, even if not all the matters could be immediately fully worked out.Yet, efforts and approaches at hand will be made,” the foreign minister adds.

“Our direct interest, deriving from reasons of common belonging to the Romanian spiritual root and cultural and linguistic solidarity, is the one that the states that are hosting on their territory a Romanian minority should endorse adequate, substantial measures to preserving and promoting ethnic, cultural, religious, linguistic identity of the Romanians living there. Romania has expectations for the measures adopted in this respect by these states to be at least similar to those promoted by Romania towards the national minorities on its territory, meant to guarantee the protection of their ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic identity of the persons belonging to these minorities,” the message stresses.

The Romanian chief diplomat pointed out that Romania has a strong argument for this expectation, because it has generated an intercultural dialogue among the minorities and in their relations with the majority, has learned from its own experience and understood that “societies with a solid democracy are those based on tolerance, mutual respect, cultural diversity, inter-ethnic, inter-cultural dialogue.”

Therefore, Aurescu asserts, this model of inter-culturalism – “a factor of stability on both domestic and external plan, at regional level” – is also a model of good practices Romania wishes to promote “in the European areas and, in particular, in those countries which host, on their territory, persons belonging to the Romanian minority.”

In the above mentioned message, the head of Romania’s diplomacy assures the Romanians everywhere that the Foreign Affairs Ministry shares “a great responsibility in connection with the preservation of the Romanian values, the promotion of the ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious identity and the prosperity of our communities from other countries.”

The minister also highlighted that the institution he is heading will continue to militate constantly and consistently “for a multidimensional approach which will be built, for all the state’s actors on whose territory Romanian communities do exist, on the European standards and values whose enforcement is the best framework for the development of the Romanian identity and the transformation of the Romanian minority in a true bridge between Romania and the resident state.”

Finally, Bogdan Aurescu’s message says that on the long term, the best solutions should be identified for a more consistent involvement of the Romanian state to supporting the Romanian communities so that they could have a significant developing role of the relations between Romania and the states that are hosting them.

“Romania will further answer affirmatively to any efforts of supporting democracy and fighting for the human rights in the neighbour countries. Observance of the rights of persons belonging to the national minorities is one of the core points that ensure the functioning on democratic bases of the rule of law, and Romania will continue to support any bilateral, multilateral, regional or universal effort that will focus on this kind of approach,” says the message by the Romanian ForMin, according to Agerpres.

The 13th edition of the Summer University of Romanians Abroad takes place from Monday in the National Sports Compound of Izvoru Muresului, and it is attended by leaders of Romanian communities abroad, around the borders and the Balkans, and from Harghita, Covasna and Mures counties; also, by MPs from Romania and Moldova, as well as by lecturers with major Romanian and international academic centers, students, journalists from Romania and from abroad.

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