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May 11, 2021

Over 200 folk artists participate in National Folk Traditions Festival in Sibiu

Over 200 artists, craftsmen, singers and instrumentalists will put on a show between August 14 and 16, at the Open Air Museum in Dumbrava Sibiului Forest during the 13th edition of the National Folk Traditions Festival, the only festival in the country that features traditions, arts and cultural realities from Romania and abroad, a press release sent to Agerpres informs.

Every edition of the festival features representatives of each county in Transylvania (including Banat, Crisana and Maramures), Wallachia (including Oltenia and Dobruja), and Moldavia (including Bukovina and Basarabia). The three counties invited at the festival are Arges, Caras-Severin and Covasna. The diaspora’s guest is Ukraine, namely the Odessa Region, southern Bessarabia.

The participants will be divided among seven sections according to themes: traditional arts (traditions connected to religious practices), folk literature (fairytales, heresies, poetry and folk theatre), music arts (singers and instrumentalists), choreographic arts (folk dances), traditional fine arts (artistic crafts), mechanic arts (folk technical creations) and culinary arts (traditional recipes menus).

“Traian Jurchelea and Cristina Turcu Preda will perform on Saturday and Sunday (August 15 – 16) at the open-air museum in Dumbrava Sibiului. The National Folk Traditions Festival will feature the Dor Basarabean ensemble from Utkonosovka, the Ismail department, Ukraine, Cununa Carpatilor ensemble from Intorsura Buzaului, Covasna, the female singers’ folk group from Racosul de Sus, Covasna, Szazlabu folk dance ensemble from Sfantu Gheorghe, Covasna, the Zestrea Gugulana ensemble from Caras Severin, the Cununita din Bania ensemble from Caras Severin, Fanfara din Bania instrumental group from Caras Severin, the calusari ensemble from Barla, Arges and Floricica ensemble from Barla, Arges”, a press release states.

“The Festival is designed as an interactive event. On the one hand, representatives of the participating communities present their own traditions, and on the other hand, the public gets involved directly in the ongoing activities by means of cultural workshops. Through this initiative, traditions are presented on a stage and the whole world is invited to know them,” said Ciprian Stefan, general manager of ASTRA National Museum Complex.

The festival is jointly funded by the Sibiu Local Council and the Sibiu City Hall, in partnership with the Romanian Cultural Institute, the Municipal Centers for the Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture from Arges and Severin, the Cultural Centre of Covasna County and the Arges, Caras-Severin and Covasna County Councils, with support from Golesti Museum Complex, Arges County and from Municipal Museum of Ethnography and of the Caransebes Border Regiment from Caras-Severin County. The event was made possible with support of the Sibiu County Council.

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