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July 31, 2021

Romanian emigrants say politicians divide, use them for electoral purposes

Representatives of the Romanian emigrants accused the country’s politicians of dividing them and using them for electoral purposes, forgetting their problems afterwards and stressed the Parliament members representing the emigration should come from the Romanian communities abroad.

Eugen Terteleac, president of the Association of Romanians in Italy, told the works of the Summer University in Izvoru Muresului on Wednesday evening that the Romanian politicians come to Italy and do all they can to “stir up ill feelings” between the associations, use the “divide et impera” (divide and rule) tactics and have exported the bickering from Romania, which creates big problems to the Romanian community. He explained that the parliamentarians come to the diaspora, visit the associations and then when talking in private to the leaders of one of it “speak ill of the other associations”, then try to affiliate them politically. Afterwards, the political strife begins between these associations, which were originally set up to pursue the preservation of the Romanians’ traditions and identity.

Terteleac underscored that because of such division issues, the Romanian community “is disregarded by the Italian state’s authorities”.

“The diaspora parliamentarians are traitors. They should protect the Romanians’ interests”, he added. According to him, the emigration should propose its own candidates for the Romanian Parliament, “worthy people, who are not selected on political grounds”.

The chairman of the Federation of Romanian Associations in Europe (FADERE), Daniel Tecu (photo) said “the diaspora is shattered by the parties in Romania, who come and divide the Romanian communities pursuing the interest of using their vote, and afterwards totally forgetting the problems they have. (…) They visit us, ask for our vote and then go back and forget about our problems”.

He argued there is need of more MPs for the emigration, who should come from among the Romanians based outside the country’s borders and should not be people who “apply for three days’ residence” in a foreign state and then say they want to candidate.

The two representatives of the emigration insist the foreign-based Romanians should vote by mail or electronically in the 2016 elections and if it does not happen, the number of the polling stations will certainly be higher and the Romanians will turn out to vote.

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