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October 21, 2021

“Hooray, Nosferatu!”, “Cyril and Methodius, Who Are You ?!” to premiere at NETA Festival in Bucharest

The theater shows “Hooray, Nosferatu!” by Slovene playwright Andrej Skubic and directed by Simona Semenic, and “Cyril and Methodius, Who Are You ?!” by Macedonian writer Jordan Plevnes, directed by Martin Kocovski, will be presented in world premiere in Romania, at the NETA 2015 International Theater Festival, the National Theater of Bucharest informed on Friday in a release.

“Hooray, Nosferatu,” which is co-produced by the “Nova Gorica” Slovenian National Theater, the Youth Theatre of Ljubljana and the B-51 Cultural Society (Ex Ponto) of Slovenia, focuses on an rare and delicate medical condition – the Dravet syndrome, a form of intractable epilepsy.

“This is a special story, where real and imaginary plans interblend and the feeling of guilt takes a multitude of shapes, revealing unexpected meanings. The play is an attempt to render the viewer familiar with the sufferings of those who cannot be like everybody else, who most of the time are not understood by the others, who are marginalized and excluded from society. The universal subject of the play is that of guilt welling up when something irreparable happens, and when we regret not having done more for these people with special needs,” reads the synopsis of the play.

The show “Cyril and Methodius, Who Are You ?!”, produced by the “Voydan Chernodrinski” National Theatre of Prilep, the Bitola Small Drama Theatre, Macedonia’s Ohrid Summer Festival, the NETA network, the Sfumato Theatre Workshop in Sofia – Bulgaria and the Kyklos Art Studio in Thessaloniki – Greece, brings into the spotlight the two Slavic apostles who placed Slavic civilization on the timeline of world history alongside the Hebrew, Greek and Latin civilizations; surnamed “patron saints of Europe,” we also owe them the translation of the Bible into Old Church Slavonic, the cited source informs.

The curtain on “Hooray, Nosferatu!” rises on August 29, from 18:00 hrs, at the Small Hall of the “I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre, while “Cyril and Methodius, Who Are You ?!” will be performed on September 2, as of 20:00, in the Painting Hall of the same institution.

The festival performances will be overtitled in Romanian and English.

The NETA 2015 International Theatre Festival takes place between August 28 – September 4 at the “I.L. Caragiale” National Theatre of Bucharest.

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