Leading academics and students from 71 countries including Romania take part in 1st World Science Conference Israel

Fifteen Nobel Prize winners and delegations of top young researchers from over 70 countries, including Romania, will attend the first edition of the WSCI World Science Conference in Jerusalem

(August 15-20) , the Embassy of Israel in Bucharest informs.

“This conference is a unique opportunity to gather outstanding academics and young talents from all over the world, as well as industry leaders from Israel, in order to discuss and explore ways to advance ties between science and its practical applications in several fields”, the above-mentioned source stated.

The World Science Conference Israel (WSCI), an international science gathering of some of the world’s greatest minds, is gearing up for its Jerusalem debut, reports.

According to the cited newspaper, fifteen Nobel laureates, 400 outstanding student prodigies, and leading scholars from around the globe will take part in the inaugural annual international event meant to “promote cross-national friendships, cooperation, and a sense of mutual responsibility for a better future.”

Nobel laureates set to attend include American Professor Richard Roberts (US, Medicine ’93); Sir Harold Kroto (UK, Chemistry ’96), Professor Sidney Altman (Canada, Chemistry ’89), Professor Steven Chu (US, Physics ’97), Professor Zhores Alferov (Russia, Physics ’00), as well as Israeli winners Professor Robert (Yisrael) Aumann (Mathematics ’05), Professor Ada Yonath (Chemistry ’09), and Professor Aaron Ciechanover (Chemistry ’04).

The program includes plenary sessions, round table discussions, Nobel Laureate master class sessions, a science workshop competition, social events and excursions around the country.

The WSCI event is based on the Asian Science Camp, an annual gathering of pre-college and college students that aims to promote cooperation among students in the Asia region. Jerusalem hosted the 2012 event. WSCI organizers decided to open its happening to the entire global student population.

“Scientific research is international and apolitical, and Jerusalem is central to many cultures. We hope you will come away from the week here with both scientific inspiration and international friendships,” says Prof. Roger Kornberg, Chairman of the WSCI Academic Committee, in his greeting to the delegates.

“You may discover opportunities for future scientific study or for research collaborations. You may establish lifelong connections with colleagues in faraway places who share your values and interests. Above all, we hope you will extend the benefits you have gained to others.  We hope you will become ambassadors for the importance of scientific research, and for tolerance and understanding.” Prof. Kornberg adds.

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