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May 9, 2021

Agriculture Minister Constantin: Wheat yield slightly better than in 2014

The crops sown last autumn for which the harvest is finished had not very big losses due to drought, Agriculture and Rural Development Minister Daniel Constantin said on Monday, adding that the toal wheat production is “slightly better” than the one of 2014.

“Since the harvesting campaign of the crops sown last autumn has ended, I want to tell you that happily they didn’t register very big losses. On the contrary, the wheat yield registers a rather better outcome than in 2014. If in 2014 the average production per hectare was 3.64 tonnes, in 2015 it reached 3.68 tonnes. The wheat total amount harvested, in accordance with the data we have received so far from the territory, is worth 7.5 million tonnes, as compared to 7.4 million tonnes in 2014,” the minister highlighted, at the end of a meeting he had with some farmers.

According to the source, the average yield per hectare obtained in barley was 4.03 tonnes, while in 2014 it only attained 3.8 tonnes, and the total amount harvested recorded 1.051 million tonnes.

On the other hand, the Agriculture minister specified that the rapeseed crops have faced a bit of scarcity in 2015, yet not a dramatic one, with 2.36 tonnes per hectare on average.

“For the rapeseed, the hectare yield has suffered a little, meaning we have a smaller production, yet this is not dramatic, it’s 2.36 tonnes as compared to 2.57 tonnes per hectare in 2014, and the total production is 956,886 tonnes,” the minister added.

Daniel Constantin admitted that the drought does harm the agriculture and the crops, in particular those sown in the spring, namely corn and sunflower, and that the ministry will try to help the farmers to unfold in good conditions the spring campaign.

“Weather does affect the crops, it affects agriculture and perhaps overall each farmer will have losses, yet only of the spring crops, and not of the autumn ones. We do our best so as, from the budget and the paper work viewpoint, the autumn campaign unfolds under good auspices and, alongside the farmers, we have agreed that by end-August, we shall release those certificates, earlier, so that they could contract their credits and start the autumn campaign,” the Agriculture Minister stressed.

The minister also said that he would do his best so that the advance for the area payment due from the European Commission be paid starting with October 16.

Present in the MADR meeting, the LAPAR (League of Agricultural Producers Associations of Romania) president, Laurentiu Baciu underlined that the discussion on Monday was constructive, mentioning that the farmers do not report to the yield statistics presented by the ministry, but only from the prospect of cost recovery.

“The percentage of cost recovery is smaller than in the past year and we report to the financial situation, and the minister talks in terms of ensuring food,” he said, according to Agerpres.

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