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April 15, 2021

Head of Prahova County Anticorruption Service, a suspected bent cop moving to thwart disturbing investigations

Head of the Prahova County Anticorruption Service reporting to the Anticorruption General Directorate (DGA) Constantin Ispas has allegedly repeatedly received money to start investigations against police officers who were involved in solving a tax evasion case, judicial sources told Agerpresispas.

According to the cited sources, since 2011 Ispas has recurrently performed financial operations, such as commercial operations incompatible with his current position, as he effectively managed and coordinated the activities of a company having his son, Mihai Constantin Ispas, as sole shareholder and manager.

Thus, Constantin Ispas is supposed to have repeatedly received from two persons in the crosshairs of the tax authorities considerable amounts of money in order to initiate and carry out criminal investigations against Police officers involved in solving a case of the Prosecution Office attached to the Prahova Court where the two were facing charges of tax evasion.

In summer 2012, in his capacity as head of the Prahova County Anticorruption Service, Ispas announced a person under investigation that a home search was about to be conducted in a case pending with the Prosecution Office attached to the Ploiesti Court.

Between 2010 – 2014, Ispas used his influence on control personnel of the Ploiesti County Public Finance General Regional Department – Prahova Public Finance County Administration, and of the National Environment Guard – Prahova County Commissariat to protect the presumably illegal commercial activity of a company manager, periodically collecting for this money, via companies controlled by his brother Ion Ispas, and his son Mihai Constantin Ispas, the cited sources mention.

To give the payments a cloak of legality, documents were registered in the accounting records of the companies in this scheme, stating fictitious services the parties had provided each other.

The head of the Prahova County Anticorruption Service is also accused of having claimed and received in two instances 10,000 euro each from a denouncer, whom he also asked to make financial arrangements to the benefit of a company controlled by someone close to him, consisting of a 200,000 lei loan and a contract for the acquisition of a building priced at 400,000 euro his acquaintance did actually not pay.

In exchange for these kickbacks, Ispas offered to determine the coordinating officer of the Ploiesti Brigade against Organised Crime, chief commissioner Saghel Emanuel, to issue a solution in favor of the denouncer’s company in a relevant case handled by the Ploiesti branch of the Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism.

Between 2010 and 2013, Constantin Ispas is also supposed to have repeatedly persuaded the manager of a company to offer material benefits to the company owned by someone in his close circles, and that in exchange he received paybacks including money, free tanking from the car fleet of the company controlled by his crony and a paid holiday on the Bulgarian sea coast.

Head of the Prahova County Anticorruption Service of the Anticorruption General Directorate Constantin Ispas was brought early Monday to the Ploiesti-based office of the National Anticorruption Directorate.

Judicial sources told Agerpres that Ispas is being investigated on suspicions of influence peddling, conducting financial transactions such as commercial operations that are incompatible with the office, responsibility or authority of a public servant, accepting bribe, use in either direct or indirect manner of information not intended for publicity, or allowing the access of unauthorized persons to such information, money laundering and abusive investigation.

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