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August 10, 2022

Marathon hearings at DNA Ploiesti in a file involving local officials and police officers

DNA hears deputy head of IJP Prahova on suspicions of forcing confessions under threat (sources)


Deputy head of the Prahova Police County Inspectorate (IJP) Adrian Radulescu was brought on Monday morning to the premises of the Ploiesti National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA).

Judicial sources told Agerpres  that Radulescu faces charges of abusive investigation after having obtained confessions under threat.

According to the cited sources, Adrian Radulescu, an officer with the Ploiesti branch of the Anticorruption General Directorate (DGA), who is currently filling the position of IJP Prahova deputy head, and Constantin Ispas – a police officer with the professional rank of chief commissioner and head of the DGA Prahova County Anticorruption Service, have used threats and promises to determine three persons to make denunciations against Prahova County Fraud Investigation Service police officers who handled a criminal case in the dockets of the Prosecution Office attached to the Prahova Court.

The denunciations obtained under threat by the two senior police officers resulted in two criminal cases registered with the DNA Central Office, in which DGA Ploiesti officers were assigned to investigate.


Head of Prahova County Anticorruption Service, brought to DNA Ploiesti


Head of the Prahova County Anticorruption Service of the Anticorruption General Directorate (DGA) Constantin Ispas was brought early Monday to the Ploiesti-based office of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), being flanked by special troops.

Judicial sources told Agerpres  that Ispas is being investigated on suspicions of influence peddling, conducting financial transactions such as commercial operations that are incompatible with the office, responsibility or authority of a public servant, accepting bribe, use in either direct or indirect manner of information not intended for publicity, or allowing the access of unauthorized persons to such information, money laundering and abusive investigation.

Upon entering the DNA building, Ispas said in reply to questions by journalists that he never helped offenders get away unpunished in criminal cases.


BCCO officer Saghel taken away from work to DNA


Officer with the Ploiesti Brigade against Organised Crime (BCCO) Emanuel Saghel on Monday was brought before the Ploiesti office of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) to be heard in connection with a case that also involves head of the Prahova County Anti-Corruption Service with the Anti-Corruption Directorate General (DGA) Constantin Ispas and deputy chief inspector of the Prahova County Police Inspectorate (IJP) Adrian Radulescu.

Upon entering the DNA building, Saghel said he was forcibly taken away from his workplace.

Asked whether or not he leaked information from certain cases and whether or not he has helped criminal offenders getting rid of court files on their names, Saghel said ‘never.’

The DNA Ploiesti action has support from the Department of Internal Intelligence and Protection (DIPI).

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