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June 21, 2021

Ponta says PNL agrees with controversial Hungarian officials’ statements on Romania

Prime Minister Victor Ponta maintains the recent controversial statements on Romania by the Hungarian ambassador in Bucharest and other Hungarian state officials are backed up by the National Liberal Party (PNL), either because PNL received order form the European People’s Party (EPP), or because the party will do any compromise to get to power.

“Important news because it shows us what is next in Romania’s future: PNL supporting the statements by the Hungarian ambassador in Bucharest and Hungarian national officials regarding Romania,” Ponta says in a Facebook post in Romanian.

He adds that a question about the attitude of PNL entails two possible answers.

“1. They received order from the EPP to say so (ergo, they are slavish); 2. They are capable of any compromise to get in power (which proves their capacity of being more miserable than anyone in the past 25 years)! What do you think?” Ponta concludes.

Ponta’s claims regard recent statements by PNL Secretary Executive Radu Carp that “ever since Victor Ponta became the prime minister, the relationship between Romania and Hungary has worsened significantly, at the same time with the development of a profound lack of the Romanian Government’s interest in the fate of the Romanians living in Hungary.”

“When attacking the Hungarian officials, Victor Ponta omits to say that the Policies for Romanians Everywhere Department with Romania’s Foreign Ministry (MAE) only supports three projects this year for Romanians of Hungary, out of a total of 140 funded projects, with an amount smaller than 30,000 euros,” Carp said in a press statement released on Sunday.

Carp mentioned that “PNL is categorically against autonomy along ethnic lines, but it supports any formula of administrative decentralisation uniformly applied to the national territory of Romania.”

He said “PNL reacts any time the language and populist rhetoric excesses of the prime minister may harm the national interests of Romania.”

“For some days now, Victor Ponta has been condemning PNL’s ‘silence’ over his actions related to national minorities and neighbour countries, explaining it as a result of PNL’s EPP membership. Membership of a family of European parties should make Victor Ponta think: the European Socialists have isolated him because they do not tolerate the ethno-populist excesses and democratic slippages of the prime minister,” said Carp, according to Agerpres.

He also said that “although commercial exchanges between Romania and Hungary have followed a rising trend (total trade in 2014 reached 7,257.95 million euros against 5,170.8 in 2007, with constant growth almost each year), political ties between the two nations have reached their lowest because of various factors, including the ethno-populist rhetoric of Victor Ponta”.

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