UDMR’s chairman: Several variants on governing could be considered, however, majority is stable

The Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) chairman, Hunor Kelemen, believes that a break for the current government wouldn’t be a tragedy to the Romanian society, yet he deems that the fathering of a new government is not a priority for his political formation, since the current parliamentary majority is stable.
“We have no such discussion (linked to the formation of a new government – editor’s note) and while the current Government has majority, we could not even enter such speculations, I won’t enter such speculations. To me, more important than governing is to prepare ourselves for next year’s elections. Obviously, every person with the Opposition deems that, after a certain period, should the outcomes not match the expectations, the Government should go, and we deem that for now a break for the current government wouldn’t be a tragedy to the Romanian society, neither economically, nor politically, yet of course through democratic means or if the majority support vanishes, such thing could happen. Prerequisites for such a situation do not exist currently,” said Hunor Kelemen, for Agerpres.
The UDMR leader pointed out that, should the political situation change, then “several variants could be considered,” yet he deems that this is not a priority for the Union, in particular because the current Government “has a strong, comfortable majority in the Parliament” and he understands that this would not change.
Hunor Kelemen said there is also another variant, the Prime Minister’s resignation, but as far as he knows, “the Premier does not consider it a real alternative on his behalf.”
Being asked whether the UDMR will talk to the PNL [National Liberal Party] about an eventual no-confidence vote, Hunor Kelemen said “in the fall session, perhaps,” such talks will take place, “because, in the Opposition there is their obligation to talk about a censure motion,” but he highlighted that these talks are not a priority and that much more important are the discussions on the Fiscal Code.
Hunor Kelemen added that the UDMR could not be happy with the Government’s results, especially if considering the non-achieved investments or the poor absorption of the European funds.
“We have no reason to be satisfied with these results, if only we look to the investments. If we look to other aspects, too, obviously our dissatisfaction grows, but we believe that the investments are a priority for the economic growth, to creating jobs, to ensure revenues to the state budget and we see that the investments were not accomplished this year, not to mention the European funds, then we have not that many reasons for a general satisfaction,” concluded Hunor Kelemen.

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