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June 18, 2021

Environment Minister: Romania to levy RON-80 fee on tonne of waste as from Jan. 1, 2016

Romania will be levying a fee of RON 80 on one tonne of waste at the dumping ground starting in January 2016 that will go up to RON 120 per tonne in 2017, Minister of the Environment Gratiela Gavrilescu told a news conference on Tuesday.
“There is a government decision under which a fee of RON 80 will be levied on each tonne of waste at the landfills as from January 1, 2016. As from 2017, the fee will go up to RON 120 per tonne. Romania is not currently levying any waste fee at landfills, just a 15-euro levy per tonne slapped by the managers of the landfills,” added Gavrilescu.
She said the fee to be levied as from 2016 will be in force at the same time with the 15-euro levy imposed by the managers of the landfills, with the money thus levied to be paid into the Environmental Fund.
Gavrilescu said the landfill fee will be below the size in other neighbour countries. “Hungary is levying a 34-euro fee/tonne at the landfills. In Romania, the fee will be 20 euros as from January 1, 2016 and nearly 25 euros/tonne as from 2017,” the minister added.
The minister also said that Romania’s national objective in the near future, namely 2020-2025, is to generate zero waste.
Gavrilescu on Tuesday attended a conference for the launch of a 1-million-euro project on an increase in the capacity of the National Environmental Guard to implement the EU strategy and legislation on hazardous waste and chemical substances. The 12-month project will be implemented by the National Environmental Guard.

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